Surrender – the word of the 21st century

Surrender Dorothy!

The Wicked Witch of the West angrily blazed these words across the sky in black smoke. Surely surrender meant the end for poor Dorothy! Could she escape this one? Could she still WIN? Would anyone come to rescue her? Or would she come to a tragic end at the hands of the wickedest woman alive?

In our Western culture, Surrender has often been synonymous with Losing. As in, poor you, you gave in, you gave up, you great big LOSER. Wars are created because the parties involved just couldn’t let go, forgive, give in, release. Surrendering is never seen as winning, in this way of looking at things. Non-resistance is seen as weakness, along with gentleness and passivity. The concepts of honor and saving face rule over all. People are more afraid of losing than of dying horribly and violently.

Recent events have reminded us how very little control we actually have. If you have any sense of humor, the current events hopefully have you laughing frequently. Talk about having to let go of every old way of doing business. I do not see this as a bad thing, not in the least.

I would like to nominate “Surrender” as the Word of the 21st Century. Much more than a word, the concept of Surrender is what we are working on right now. If you are having a very hard time, you may be fighting the war rather than surrendering. You won’t lose by letting go, but you might by trying to hold onto what must be released right now. Like a good yard sale, Everything Must Go! Give it away, release its hold on you, put it down for a while. Lighten your load. As a psychic told me years ago, ‘you’re trying to run the 3 minute mile and you keep picking up rocks along the way’. I understood him immediately, laughed out loud, let some of the rocks fall by the wayside. I was the one who chose to pick up those rocks, and only I could surrender their hold on me.

Being able to let go is the skill of the 21st century, the skill to develop. It’s harder to learn this one than it is to learn how to walk, talk, read and write. We humans are hardwired to hold onto things. We learn this from each other.

We also teach each other. If you decide to practice surrender, forgiveness, release, and letting go, others can learn these skills from you. What a gift you bring them by doing so!

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~
Photo: ‘Morning Ant’ © Karas Cahill on flickr

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6 thoughts on “Surrender – the word of the 21st century

  1. “People are more afraid of losing than of dying horribly and violently.” Wow! So true. Everyone needs a reminder now and then that little wins (as simple as not letting in other drivers or cutting someone down with a clever insult) often come with big expenses (future stress, aggression, guilt… WWIII!) — and “SURRENDER” is the perfect sentiment for the wiser route. Thanks for the reminder, Kris!

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