Surrender to the healing gifts your spirit can bring

The greatest surrender seen in recent times has been a surrender to the spirit.

Many people have been, through no conscious effort of their own, forced to Sit and Be. Whether through job loss, illness, or other circumstances, people are having to stop moving. What happens when you stop Do-ing? There is a great chance that you can start Be-ing!

The biggest changes happening now are inside each one of us. There is a major redefinition that can occur within when this happens. An easy and elegant way to work on this for yourself is through a regular meditation practice. Meditation is like having a conversation with yourself, and with your body. Too often life can become so busy that it is easy to forget to have that very personal and important communication. Everyone else’s stuff becomes more important, and soon you may forget who you even are.

Many people think they have to be perfect in some way or other in order to meditate. Or that they’re not doing it right. There is some kind of idea that one must be enlightened in order for meditation to “work”.

Meditation is a messy business, and that’s not a bad thing. Of course it’s messy. If you have some energy inside of you that’s bothering you or getting in your way, it might be a little messy letting it go. But that’s also the fun part. Bodies are messy too. Meditation is a great way to get inside of your own body more, love what you find, and heal yourself. Meditation is best done with a lot of amusement, tons of forgiveness, and a boatload of surrender.

Yoga has become common practice for so many people. Everywhere one looks there is yoga. But do you remember when yoga was considered weird, only for those who didn’t do ‘normal’ things in our culture? There is a day coming when meditation and energy work will be seen as being just as normal and everyday as yoga is now seen.

We have arrived at the time when taking care of your energy daily is just as important as exercising or eating a nourishing breakfast.

How about this idea, Surrender to Meditation!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011  ~
Photo © Karas Cahill on Flickr


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