One of the most interesting things that has happened since the recession began is a redefinition of the concept of ‘value’.

There is a change in what people see as having value, what has meaning and significance in life, what is important and necessary. Dictionary definitions for the word value include “the quality of being desirable”, also “worth, merit, significance, consequence, goodness, excellence, distinction, eminence, power”… and so on.

This definition doesn’t even include the monetary definitions of value. Though many people confuse the two, as in one’s value is defined by one’s monetary worth. Well, what happens when the money loses its worth? Or you lose your money? Do you automatically lose your value too? Perhaps you didn’t know your own worth, if it can be taken away so easily?

Another interesting thing coming up with the concept of value these days is how one sees one’s value in relation to others. “I am valuable to so and so because I heal him, or I am valuable to this one because she needs me”, and so on. Many people are redefining their idea of self worth. If your value in a relationship is based on something you decide to change, what happens to the relationship? Well, what if it’s a relationship very close to home, like the one you have with yourself?

Value is something nobody can take away from you, once you realize it. When you know your own worth, you are able to have your space with other energies in a positive way, a healing way, a validating way. There is a funny belief going around that there’s only so much value available, so not everyone can have it. Can you imagine living in a world where everyone does know their own value, and also respects that everyone else can be valuable too? Wow, I’d love to live in that world!

It looks as if the door has opened for more people to start seeing value differently when what had been seen as valuable kind of, well, blew up. A lot of people began finding they had more time on their hands, if not actual money. There’s been a lot of having to sit still, be in one place, non-movement. There are many more people trading and bartering skills and goods these days. A whole new generation of do-it-your-selfers has sprung up. It has become hip to make it yourself, that hand made item is seen by many as having great value, in large part because it’s one of a kind.

So are we all, one of a kind that is. We each have a value, a reason to be here. Each has a purpose, something to contribute. When one gains access to knowing this for oneself, great healing can happen. This is one of the big places we are working now, as human beings on a beautiful planet.

Which begs the question: does the Earth judge itself or think it’s not very good at what it does? No! The earth keeps spinning, growing, changing, never questioning whether a flower or a bug has value. Each has a unique place in the whole. As do we all.

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Datura’ ©Karas Cahill 2009  on Flickr

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