Grounding yourself

As a meditation teacher, I show others that they may be capable of so much more than they had known. The technique of grounding is where it all begins.

Sometimes they just didn’t know… or didn’t know what they didn’t know. That’s how I felt when I was taught these tools, and my awareness of who I might actually be began to kick in. I am forever grateful to those who taught me, and I like to show my gratitude by teaching others. As a psychic, I love everything about my job, and teaching is especially delightful.

It can be disturbing for people to begin to open their eyes and start to see themselves more clearly, see their own truth. It can be literally earth shaking to become disillusioned, to lose one’s illusions. Grounding helps with what one is beginning to see; it makes it possible to be safe enough to see, and it allows for a safe release of unwanted energies. It’s not being psychic that is hard for most people, it’s handling the energies that come with it. Grounding makes it safe to be psychic.

Many people are walking through their lives wearing varying shades of invalidation. Being wrong about something or other seems to be a common human condition. In some groups and families it spreads like a fast moving flu, a viral invalidation, if you will. There is a cure: finding one’s own grounding can help alleviate the symptoms of invalidation, and make it possible for one to get to the bottom of it and let it go. Honestly, if you don’t agree that you are wrong, nobody can make you feel like you are.

All healing is self healing. Each of us has the power to decide to heal. It takes being responsible for oneself, instead of for every other thing that comes along. Many people wouldn’t think twice about taking on other people’s problems and pain, while ignoring their own. By grounding, one can become more aware of the patterns and traps, and let go of them. Many people ground for others, but forget about their own bodies, which are then in pain. Grounding helps you to reconnect with your body and help it to release that pain. Your body will thank you for it.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~
Photo: ‘Sun 1’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr

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