Forgiveness Day

IMG_6058_rToday is Forgiveness Day.

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give to yourself or another. Forgiveness is one of the keys to Love, especially self love. If one is able to have self love, the battle within can be over. You’ve won over your demons. And if the battle is won within, what is left can best be described as Peace.

There are other holidays dedicated to Forgiveness: the first Sunday in August is International Forgiveness Day, and August 27th is Global Forgiveness Day.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Yourself! In the spirit of the day, my thoughts have been directed toward Peace and also War. I have spent much of my life horrified by what humans are capable of doing to each other. I grew up watching the first televised war. It was surreal to watch the news before dinner and see the daily death count in the Vietnam War. So far away, and yet there were all those red stars on the front doors in my neighborhood.

I grew up hearing about and being fascinated by World War II, how could such things exist? I had very strong feelings about it, and recoiled when I first learned about the Nazis. It was painful, even more than 30 years later. So much hate and viciousness!

One thing I have become increasingly aware of over the past 10 years is a war closer to home: the war inside each of us. I see people at war within themselves, and it is no wonder to me that war ends up reflected in the outside world.

When someone decides to heal that rift within, through forgiveness, or self love, or making art they love, everything changes around them and in their world. Peace can exist, and I do believe it is up to each one of us to start.

Goodwill toward yourself might be a great way to begin. The worst that can happen is you might feel really good about yourself. And that good energy has a way of spreading, it’s catching. Way more fun than its opposite!

Happy Forgiveness Day to you. I wish you Peace within, and the gift of seeing your own power in the world as that peace within you affects all those around you, wherever you go.

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