You are psychic

waterSplash7You are already psychic. Perhaps you’ve heard this before, or thought of it yourself?

If not, then allow me to introduce you to the concept, the very idea, that you may already be a Psychic. With a capital P.

Scared? I hope not, as it’s not my intention to frighten anyone here. After all, Being Psychic is scary enough already. You no doubt frighten people every day. That may be a good thing.

Many people are scared of psychics, and give us special powers that they don’t see themselves having.

There is that reputation, that disreputable reputation, I mean. There are people who call themselves ‘psychics’ who take advantage of people. But there are also bankers, cops, lawyers, doctors, political leaders, and priests who do the same thing. This does not make all of them bad or evil. The word “psychic” frightens many people still, and conjures up images of black magic and evil spells. I do personally know some people who have been controlled by unscrupulous psychics. When they were going through some very tough times they gave up power to people only too happy to take advantage of them. Mere con artists. Not spiritual in the least.

On the other hand, many people want their answers handed to them. Some psychics and teachers will tell you they have your answers. You don’t have to do the work, because they’ve already done it for you.

They are lying. Nobody can do this for you. It is up to you. Being psychic, you do have that power, deep within you. It may not be a practice you embrace yet, but you can.

The greatest psychic ability is the ability to know yourself..


If you read this blog often, you know that that’s my main theme: know and love yourself. All else follows. That is your life’s work. That is why you were born with psychic abilities. Well, because you are human, you were born with psychic abilities.

People have been digging deeper in recent times, making sure they are not forgetting about any of their own resources. Trying to make the most of the resources they do have, not just money but skills and talents. Everything counts.

Are you making use of your richest resource, namely yourself? Your own spirit is the most valuable thing you own, along with your body, which is the most valuable thing you’ve created. The world you can create just from having command of these resources has no limits. There is no competition at all when you are truly being yourself.

If you haven’t done so lately, why not try this: sit still, ground yourself, and begin looking within. Find out what you are all about. Begin that great, never ending adventure, deep into the center of yourself.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
Photo credit: Geek Philosopher

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6 thoughts on “You are psychic

  1. Kris — I still vividly remember the first time I saw you and your art at a gallery opening. You and a group of students were giving energy healings. And I took my first step into psychic exploration (what took so long?). This post says it all! I’m so glad our paths crossed. Sometimes you just need to see someone else “taking the bull by the horns.” And then you think: “I could do it too!”

  2. Thanks, Jimmy. I well remember meeting you, Carla and your wonderful troop of performers that evening. I was so happy to meet all of you!

    Godinla, that is a great question. Some people experience unwanted visions and ‘visitations’. One of the best ways I know to deal with this problem is grounding, which is connecting your body to the earth. This can make your body safe so that you can release the unwanted energies. You can clear out frightening energies this way, and become senior to them. It is through opening up your own awareness that you become more clear about what is wanting to run through you.

    Some people have come to class wanting to turn their psychic abilities down or even off, because they felt overwhelmed. Grounding and meditation help in that you become more aware of what is and is not you. Once you do this, your abilities become helpful and fun, rather than a nuisance.

    I am thankful that you asked this question, and I plan to answer questions like this one day a week in this blog. I’ll begin with this one, in my next post.

  3. Interestingly, though not unexpectedly, you do not do much to define what you mean by Psychic. You don’t think that would be important in an article in which you tell everyone that they are in fact one of them?

    • Hi Jordan, thanks for reading. Have you checked out the column of blog posts on the right labeled ‘Posts about Clairvoyance and Being Psychic’? I must have defined the terms clairvoyant and psychic dozens of times in those posts. Let me know if it still doesn’t make sense, and ask me a specific question about what you mean.

    • Also, please note that I do define the term in this article. I state that the greatest psychic ability is the ability to know yourself. I don’t see being psychic as being outside of you, but coming from within. Since I try not to rewrite everything in each post, I tend to interlink, which I have also done in this article. I’m sorry if you were looking for a whole treatise in one article, but it actually is spread out over my whole blog. I do organize posts very well, si it should be easy to find what it is you want to know.

      Thanks again for your visit.

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