How to control your own psychic abilities

A reader left a comment on a previous post on this blog, You Are Psychic, asking a very good question:

What do you do with psychic “revelations/visions” that you don’t want or that aren’t healthy for you?

Some people experience unwanted visions and ‘visitations’. One of the best ways I know to deal with this problem is grounding, which is connecting your body to the earth. This can make your body safe so that you can release the unwanted energies. You can clear out frightening energies this way, and become senior to them. It is through opening up your own awareness that you become more clear about what is wanting to run through you.

Some people have come to class wanting to turn their psychic abilities down or even off, because they felt overwhelmed. Grounding and meditation help in that you become more aware of what is and is not you. Once you do this, your abilities become helpful and fun, rather than a nuisance.

Over the last ten years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach grounding and meditation techniques to many people. Everyone has a unique energy, and a different way of looking at and experiencing the world. You might say, everyone’s world is different. This being the case, we each have the free will to decide how to be. For many people, being psychic hasn’t been a fun joyful experience because they are experiencing energies that hurt them. These energies are very real. Sometimes one is handling the energy of other people’s pain, loneliness, fear. It is easy to pick up energy from others and think it is your own.

The trick is to know which energy is yours and which isn’t. By becoming more important in your own space than all of these other energies, you can heal this part of yourself. Grounding is a great beginning. I have seen countless people heal themselves by practicing grounding and meditation.

Your own energy within you will never hurt, endanger, or frighten you. Your own energy heals and protects you.Your own energy, when it is within you, feels wonderful.

Your own energy is unique.


About a year or so ago, I had an opportunity to help someone who was experiencing this very thing. He was frightened by the beings he was seeing, who would show up at night and scare him so much he was afraid to leave his room, even to go down the hall to the bathroom.

This is the young son of a good friend, who’d been seeing ghosts and beings for his entire 6 years. He has his psychic abilities turned on, but didn’t know he could also have control over them. When the ghosts began to frighten him, my friend called and asked if I could help. I met him and his mother for lunch one day, and very casually talked to the boy about his experiences. I listened, asked him what was up. During this whole time, he drew me a picture, which said “Kris Cahill, how did you see ghosts when you were little?”.

I told him he could talk to the beings, ask them what they want. Also, that he is in charge, and if any ghost shows up and bothers him, he can make them go away. I told him he is more important than they are, and by being in charge can feel safer. Apparently he listened, because he now refers to me as “his psychic girl”. It looked to me like just validating his experience as being real helped. Being told he is in charge helped too. He still sees energy, but apparently is seeing more friendly beings these days.

Sometimes people are afraid to tell anyone that they are having psychic experiences. There is a stigma that says you are not stable if you have these. This often makes it hard for people to get validated for their experiences. They don’t want to open up about them, and end up suffering in silence. Grounding is a simple way to make it easier to have a choice as to what energies you have, every day.

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One thought on “How to control your own psychic abilities

  1. Hi Kris, thank you for writing this. I don’t really have a question for you as much as I wanted to say I appreciate what you have written. It’s coming at me synchronistically, too. That’s always fun.

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