Healer, heal yourself

teaAs we humans continue our very interesting Spiritual Revolution, we are being given many opportunities to change how we do things.

I have the most interesting job, because I get to give readings to many people who are all, without exception, being challenged in new ways.

I’ve given quite a few readings to healers who are having to become more conscious about how they are spending their own energy in the world. One can spend and spend, and kind of like the economy, end up broke. If you continue to give away your own energy to others, you will end up without any for yourself. It is a time to create a new picture for how Healing actually works in the world.

Did you know that all healing is self healing? It’s true.

No one heals without deciding that they will heal. Any honest doctor, nurse, or other healing practitioner will tell you so. I learned this for myself years ago, when I began to unravel the agreements and energies that had me giving away all of my healing energy, yet again, to someone ‘more deserving’ than I was. This does not mean that we don’t need and want good healing practitioners in the world. I am truly grateful for the many healers I’ve gone to over the years. It is important, however, to understand that you have a lot to do with how you heal.

At any rate, one day I decided to wake up and heal myself. It is then that I was able to step onto this path of self discovery. What a fascinating adventure! The beauty of this is that I became a healing force in a very different way. Simply by becoming more responsible for myself and my own energy, and letting go of responsibility for others, I gave them permission to do this for themselves. This is validating. I would much rather teach someone that they have the ability to do this for themselves than continue to do it for them.

Here’s another eye opening truth: pain cannot be solved.

It can only be let go of. Whether through forgiveness, releasing, or creating a new way of seeing, pain can be cleared by awareness that it is just energy and not a problem to solve. Your own pain you can deal with, but if you find yourself mired in pain that you can’t clear, it may not be yours. This is where becoming conscious is helpful, for by doing so you can find your own answers about what it is you are actually agreeing to take on for others.

One way I get the attention of people who are taking on others’ pain is to inform them that it will age them prematurely.

Vanity often wins out. Learning how to let go of energies one has taken on is like finding the Fountain of Youth. Your body will be happy, and when your body is happy, you will be happy. Other people’s pain in your space is like toxic energy to your body and spirit.

Often healers are not validated for their healing abilities.

Instead, they feel responsible for everyone, guilty for having enough for themselves. Many of the people I read have no idea that they are healing others. You don’t have to consciously call yourself a healer to be one. You can be a healing presence and simply not know it.

The greatest way I know of to be a healing force on this planet is to know who you are and where you are at.


My favorite way to do this is through a daily meditation practice. Meditation is a way to get to know oneself more completely, like having a conversation within. This helps you become more conscious, and more honest, about how you are spending your most valuable resource, your own energy.

©Kris Cahill

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Image: ©Karas Cahill on Flickr
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One thought on “Healer, heal yourself

  1. “if you continue to give away your own energy for others, you will end up without any for yourself” ~

    finding when it’s time to renew, and re-energize is important
    taking back your sense of self and re-evaluating is important

    I’ve been told I’m a healer and I believe it. Sometimes it’s exhausting but I’ve finally figured out how to control what comes and goes.

    I like this new website, it has a nice calming feel.

    Is it the Brentwood Farmer’s Market @ S. Gretna you are at every Sunday? I may be coming through the area July 19. Maybe I could get Brian to show too?

    Hope you are well and your search for new digs, fruitful.

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