On deciding to be seen


You already know that simply the act of deciding changes everything. It’s the wishy washy sitting on the fence stuff that creates more confusion.

A clear decision will help you to head bravely into the next… place where you get to make another decision!

Many people these days are looking for the same thing – permission to be seen, to shine. And to shine being who they are, doing what they want to do. Many would-be movie stars, rock stars, and artists of all kinds, have a similar mantra: “I want to be a star!”.

Great! Then how about starting by becoming the star of your own life?

A book that illustrates this theme so beautifully is “Undercover”, by Beth Kephart. The heroine narrates the story, which follows her adventures as she is pursued by a number of young men in her high school, not because they want to romance her, but because she can write the magical verses that win for them the young women they are romancing. She is the school’s Cyrano, at the expense of her own happiness. There is the point in the story where she decides to have more:

“But the greatest tragedy of all is letting invisibility win. It’s choosing to give up the thing you want because you think you don’t deserve it.”

It’s a beautiful thing when people reach conclusions like this! They have decided to grow. What was once good enough no longer is. That’s always the best part of the movie, when the hero or heroine changes like this. If everything begins and ends the same, how boring it would be. Nobody would grow.

The same is true with real life, and I am not talking so called reality TV. I mean my life, and yours, and his over there. Change is the norm, actually. Even if we don’t want it. Especially then.

So why not embrace it now, and have a say in how it happens? What is the change you’d like to become?

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2 thoughts on “On deciding to be seen

  1. I knew you for a short time in Chicago through my friend Grace. I have been really into sewing lately and you just kept popping into my mind. I thought that you might still be sewing baby clothes? I don’t know if you remember me? Both you and your sister seemed to think that I was very strange. Oh well. I now live in New Mexico but I am not very happy at the moment. The economy has made it very difficult to be here and I feel that I need to move. Do you still sew? I loved your baby clothes! I am no longer in touch with Grace, thank goodness! I haven’t spoken to her in years. I just felt this need to connect with you. Take care,


    • Hi Deanne,
      I used to make kid’s accessories, mostly. I haven’t done that for years. My sister still designs, but I paint and do this now. Which Grace are you talking about? I know several in Chicago.

      Thanks for your visit here, and good luck to you with your changes.

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