Psychic Question Mondays: being psychic

shell-WMThis Week’s Question: How did you know you are psychic?

Though this question is often directed at me personally, it’s really more about the person asking it. He or she is interested in psychic energy and abilities, and has probably had some experiences with them. There is a desire to know more. Often the questioner is trying to make sense of her or his own experiences: are they real?

Years before I became aware of my own abilities and trained them, I was fascinated with psychic energy. I didn’t get a psychic reading until I was in my late 20’s, and then only because a lot of women I knew were getting readings from a local psychic and raving about her. She is very famous now, and has always had a good and clean reputation.

Before I saw her, I was fascinated by and also somewhat fearful about getting a psychic reading. I believed two things about being psychic: the first thing was that one had to already be that way from birth, actually born into a special psychic family. The second thing was that I, sadly, wasn’t  born this way so couldn’t be a psychic. If anyone had told me 25 years ago that that’s exactly what I would be doing now, I’d have had a hard time believing them. Another reason I don’t predict the future!

I wasn’t afraid of psychics so much as I was afraid of my own abilities, something I understand more completely now.

Human have psychic abilities; they are part of whatever else one has. and like other talents and abilities, it takes practice and often training to develop them. You may be born with musical talent, but you still have to practice your instrument! Being psychic has precious little to do with making predictions or telling people what to do. The greatest use of one’s own abilities is to see oneself, create healing within, and use these valuable abilities to create one’s life.

How I healed: I went to InVision, a school in Chicago where my abilities were validated and said hello to. I learned how to ground myself, and to begin to release the energies I’d been taking on my whole life that invalidated those abilities. I learned how to become safe enough to open up on a psychic level, and to turn on my clairvoyance. I learned how much fun it could be to do this, and began to learn so much more about myself than I’d ever thought I would. Daily meditation practice, and releasing negative energies, make it possible to have one’s own abilities without interference.

Future posts will cover this topic much more in detail.

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“Shell” ©Karas Cahill 2009 on Flickr

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