Being safe enough to be psychic

As a psychic reader and teacher, I meet a lot of people who are interested in turning on their own abilities.

I see many others who want to make peace with those abilities that they already have, and perhaps be safer with them. Many people wonder how to be psychic, or if they even can. Others shy away from the idea, often with a fear based on experience, believing they have no control over psychic energies.

Free will is a valuable thing. It is also a little scary. What if you decide to be yourself, to find out who you are?


The way psychics are seen in this culture, and also in other cultures on the planet, contributes to the fears and questions about whether being psychic is really real. Psychics are often given powers that “normal” people do not see themselves as having. Rather than being able to use one’s abilities to help oneself create a meaningful life, often intuition and clairvoyance are scoffed at as not being real, and perhaps even toying with danger.

There’s a lot of energy out there, and also inside each one of us. Each one has a unique spirit, something to offer, to give. Each perspective is wanted and needed. What makes this world a wonderfully fascinating place is the sheer variety present in it, and in each one of us. Many people are afraid of those differences, whether in others or themselves.

Often it isn’t safe to stand out, to not fit in. Yet that’s the very thing that happens when one begins to embrace one’s own unique spirit and abilities. It’s the wildest thing, and I’ve seen it countless times, in students and colleagues who decide to dive in and find out what they are truly made of. And then to decide how to Be. You will change, just by deciding.

How to be safer with your abilities? Learning to ground yourself, to know yourself, to love and forgive you. Letting go is a good thing. It’s not being psychic that’s the problem for most people: it’s: what do I do with what I am seeing? If you become responsible for all that you are seeing, no wonder you don’t want to see anything! Grounding makes it safer to have all of your other abilities up and running, and grounding also helps you let go of any unwanted energies you have taken on. Grounding can help you to heal yourself.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Never Ending Swirl’ ©Tanakawho

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5 thoughts on “Being safe enough to be psychic

  1. The things that we can do are astounding. Even those of us who don’t realize the power or refuse to acknowledge the power know on some level that it’s there somewhere in the dark or light recesses.

    Great photo too.

  2. My question/s are/is for the next Psychic Monday…

    How does one that is sensitive, empathic even, cope with a world they simply cannot escape if they cant keep a shield up 24/7? How does one manage to maintain any kind of normal relationship when s/he is constantly bombarded with energies? Even with grounding techniques, even with intentions, etc. How does this person hold a job? A marriage? Must this person isolate and be as alone as possible? What if this person cannot, despite extreme efforts, gain any control over his or her environment?

    These are questions I can’t seem to find any answer to.

    I hope you can help me, if not, I understand.

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