Waking up to your own value

'Poppies' ©Karas Cahill 2009

'Poppies' ©Karas Cahill 2009

Last night I gave psychic readings to many guests attending the Saban Free Clinic’s ‘Extravaganza For The Senses’, the yearly fundraiser for this wonderful free clinic in Los Angeles.

It is my second year donating my services to this event and this organization. (I also donated the use of my artwork for the Saban’s annual holiday card fundraiser, and will do so again this year.)

The Saban Free Clinic in LA is an amazing place, helping people who are without health insurance or money, to stay healthy. As you can imagine, the clinic is very busy these days. Until the day when health care is seen as a human right in this country, clinics like Saban will perform a much needed service.

I give readings at many events. It is fascinating to quickly read person after person. I have the opportunity to see what themes people in general are working on. Last year, people were asking career questions. This year, people are asking life questions.

They are beginning to wake up, to realize there is more, and to suspect that they might have something to do with it. They aren’t looking for fast answers to easy questions, something many have done in the past, putting the power outside of themselves. The more interesting thing is that for many, the questions themselves are changing, awareness is kicking in.

People are waking up spiritually in large numbers today.

Waking up to what? To themselves, their place in the world, what they’ve been agreeing to and taking on for others, what is no longer working, what they really want to do and who they really want to be. I gave readings last night to people of all ages and from all cultures, and this was the main theme. Some of them have been on a more conscious path for a while, and are working to let go of those around them who they’ve allowed to hold them back. Others are just becoming conscious that, yes, there is More, and they can choose it.

Truth is another big theme these days.

In waking up, many come to realize they have not been living truthfully. They’ve been lying to themselves, or agreeing to a lie of some kind. The lie might be ‘you can’t have what you want’ or ‘there isn’t enough to go around’.

It’s pretty hard to get away with lying these days. The big lies hit the front pages of newspapers all over the world, but the smaller lies that live within each of us are coming out also. And a “small” lie isn’t so small if it decides for you what kind of life you are allowed to have. The time to find the answers that lie within is here.

The abilities and power that live within each of us can be used consciously to create a wonderful life and thereby a happy and peaceful planet. Peace on this earth begins within each human being.

Another aspect of waking up is becoming responsible for one’s own energy, instead of running around trying to take care of everyone else. As Dumbledore says to the students of Hogwarts at the beginning of their school term in ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’, “be aware, for you are the dark force’s greatest weapon”. A simple way of saying, “become aware of the energies you are allowing to come through you”.

Another way to say this is ‘know your own value’.

©Kris Cahill 

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
Image: ©Karas Cahill on Flickr

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4 thoughts on “Waking up to your own value

  1. This is fascinating. I was telling my coach the other day that I see myself as an Awareness Apprentice. I guess, in so many ways, we really are all connected.

  2. Dear, dear Kris,

    I am personally indebted to you for your conscious insight and brilliant spiritual “fine-tuning.” Your reading was impeccable.

    On another note, we are so fortunate to have you as a friend and supporter of The Saban Free Clinic. Your contribution of gentle and vivid art to the Holiday Card Program as well as joining in the fun of Extravaganza for the Senses at the Mystics Tent is so special to us. Thanks for this fund and friend-raising donation.

    For over 40 years the Clinic has abided by the notion that health care is indeed a right, not a privilege for all. And this becomes manifest for those who have come to regard it as their medical home. As consciousness rises here and abroad, we are enriched by your unique generosity, which helps make our services and care accessible, particularly in these changing times. So thank you for all you are doing to bring light and joy to this planet and to Los Angeles, in particular.

    In so many ways, what a healer you are!



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