Permission to change

6888737_67245220eb(2)Permission to change and grow, permission to destroy the old to make way for the new. Nature does it everyday, and nobody seems to get angry.

Though one may complain about the weather, it is widely accepted and expected that it will change. How wonderful to watch the cycle of nature unfolding, what a miracle it is. I love watching the blooming of the trees in the spring. My favorite is the jacaranda, but I love seeing them all. A daily eyeful of beauty, what a gift!

While we expect the natural world to go through its natural cycles, expect babies to grow up into adults, kittens into cats, puppies into dogs, we too often expect people we know to stay the same.

A friend changes, perhaps becomes aware of something new, and many times others get offended that this person has decided to do something new and not asked permission before doing so. When this person decides to go get some space for him or herself in order to create the new, there is often a bit of anger sent his or her way; “how dare you change!”. People take it personally.

Human beings can create a fuller, more real life experience by changing consciously.

In case anybody missed the memo, we are living in a time of great change! If you have been wanting to change your life, but resistant or reluctant to get started, you may be handling the energy of others who are in fear of that change, who take it personally, who make it all about them, and who are not safe because you have decided to change. Whew!

What would happen if trees and flowers had to ask permission, get a group consensus, before changing?

Sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? The heroes in our culture are often seen as those brave enough to follow their own internal wisdom, their own instincts, even if everyone else is busy criticizing and telling them how wrong they are. I have noticed that there are those who create, and then there are those who criticize the creators. Hmmm….

I once asked an old friend what was new and changing for him. We hadn’t connected for a while, and were catching up. He told me everything was the same, and that “change isn’t good”. He was afraid of anything changing from where it was for him, right now.

There is a picture many people have that change is frightening, out of their control.

The idea is that while what they have may not be exactly what they want, at least it’s a known quantity so they don’t want it to change. People ground to the known, even while hating it. A group consensus says we are safe here in this, all together. Let’s all be miserable and in fear, but at least we are together!

Hilarious thinking, in my view. As ever, it takes courage to do one’s own thing and not care what others have to say about it. As I see it, finding your own energy, space, and answers, is the key to living in your own truth.

What is it that you want to change for yourself? Can you give yourself permission to begin, today?

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
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