Value and energy

We live in an important time in history, a time when it is necessary to find more ways to save energy and protect our earth’s resources.

In our technological infancy, we became used to spending our energy resources foolishly, and still do so today. Common sense and greed aside, the point is to wake up to the fact that our natural resources are precious, and perhaps we need to protect and preserve them. Rather than turn our beautiful planet into an uninhabitable wasteland, and destroy forever that beauty, it is time to Value what we have been gifted with. The Earth has everything we need to create healthy fulfilled lives. There is plenty for everyone on this earth.

As it is on Earth, so it is too within each one of us.

You might say that each of us is also a planet, a world. Sometimes the natural resources and energy of our own personal worlds are not seen as having value. We can squander our own energy too. We can give away our resources, until there is nothing left. We can fight futile wars, and believe me, the wars within translate to the wars outside. There will be no wars created on this planet if humans decide to heal themselves spiritually, to learn forgiveness, to find value within and in each other, to stop judging harshly.

Imagine being born knowing already that you are valuable, that your life has value, that you already have all that you need, within you.

You don’t need to give your energy away to anyone or anything for it to have value.

You are not born lacking anything, there is no black mark on your spirit, and you are already whole. What if you were to have that attitude now?

Each human has a reason to be here, in this lifetime. There is something each came for: experiences, growth, specific information, agreements with others, because being in a body is fun. Your body has great value. But it can be so easy to fall into the habit of criticizing or disliking one’s own body; it’s too thin here or too fat there, my eyes are too this and my toes do that… Well, try eating chocolate, skateboarding, or reading a good book, without a body!

A great way to heal is to become very good friends with yourself and with your body.

Most people wouldn’t talk to a close friend the way they might talk to themselves, or to their own bodies. Whatever the current wisdom is that decides whether your body is beautiful or not, you can decide for yourself that it is. Deciding it is and that you love it can help you know its value. Whatever the judgments or invalidations you are handling that decide if you have value or not, you can let go of by deciding for yourself that yes, indeed you do have value!

Your greatest job in this lifetime, as I see it, is to become truly yourself.

It’s hard to do that if you keep trying to be someone else, hoping nobody will notice you aren’t perfect. I’ve got news for you – none of the rest of us are either. It is pretty funny to watch somebody try to be. Eventually, all of that perfect nonsense just has to fall apart. It simply cannot continue, because it is such a lie.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
Image: ©Karas Cahill

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2 thoughts on “Value and energy

  1. Excellent post, so much to think on!

    Ah, yes, that perfect thing!! I’m in my 50’s, and I found that all of that perfection stuff started to crash in my late 30’s. I’m glad it did! What a burden! Love you blog, Kris,

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