Grounding heals you

Everything we enjoy in our modern lives on Planet Earth, came from this earth.

Everything we have was made from the earth, including our own bodies. The energy of the earth is incredibly healing for each of us. That in itself is something to contemplate, but one can do much more than simply contemplate it.

This is where grounding comes in. By grounding your body to the earth, you can more completely heal your body, make it safer, more comfortable, and give yourself a way to release all of those energies you might pick up in the daily business of just living life.

Grounding is a natural human ability.

You have created grounding for yourself your entire life, often without even thinking about it. Grounding makes you feel safe, and you may have grounded to those things that could do that for you: your job, relationship, home, a group agreement, other people. The problem with that is that when any of those things change, it can be quite a deal getting safe again in your body. Things can be somewhat uncomfortable for you until you can find a new way to ground yourself again.

The last few years have been very challenging for grounding, as so many changes began coming faster and faster. Many people are, um, freaking out. You may have noticed. Perhaps you have been one of them. “There’s gonna be a revolution…” and it very well could be happening inside of you right now.

This is why I love being a meditation teacher, teaching the art of grounding, among other skills. Learning to create your own neutral grounding to the earth can keep you much safer than grounding to a job that may be shaking and shifting a bit. If you’ve been connected to a group of friends and they are all going through changes, you can find yourself taking on uncomfortable energies from the others without intending to do so. If you have been the responsible one your whole life, learning to ground for yourself can help you heal the heaviness of always doing for others.

When you are able to ground and release the other energies you take on, some of which can be quite toxic, (for example, anxiety and invalidation), you can lighten up your own space. This gives you a lot more room for you: your dreams and desires, your own spirit! When you have more room for you to come back home again, your life gets a lot more fun. You can more easily create health, and manifest what it is you want to have.

Your life is a do it yourself project, truly! And you can learn skills and tools to do and have what you want for yourself.

I teach Grounding Workshops and Meditation Classes in the Los Angeles area. For more information about my classes, please see my website:

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