Dreams and accomplishments

b17maartent785Accomplishment: Completion. Achievement. A special skill or ability acquired by training or practice.

I would, at this point in my life, call myself an accomplished artist, psychic, and teacher. I am becoming a better writer and blogger. I have, through the years, created successfully as a fashion and costume designer, seamstress, gardener, team leader. I am very good at saying hello to the spirit present in other people, and communicating to them that there may be more to them than meets their own eyes. I am a good healer.

The trick is that I have passion for doing all of these things.

I know what it is I want to accomplish. I feel good about my work. I am very grateful and fortunate for this. The things I let go over the years, the things I didn’t have a true feeling for, I never really got very good at doing. Roller skating, throwing pots on a wheel, being a cheerleader, and weaving come to mind. I actually flunked Beginning Pottery in my first year of art school. Hated it.

There has been a belief, maybe one could call it a “rule”, going around for a very long time. It goes like this: the harder you work and the more effort you put in, the better the results.

The more valuable your achievements will be, because you worked hard. I remember thinking as a child that working hard was related to being a “good” person. This is how people in my family saw it. It was also generational, with the Depression generation giving way to the Baby Boomers. Hippies were seen by the previous generations as being shiftless and lazy, spoiled, having it too easy. I think it’s very funny when I hear a former hippie bemoan the state of lazy youth today, who have no idea of how lucky they are blah blah blah…

In fact, much like the Puritan work ethic, working hard is seen in this country (the US) as being morally superior. “I worked so hard!” “I can’t have any fun, I’ve been working too hard…” and so the excuses go for why one is working one’s life away. I have nothing against working consistently and accomplishing great things; I just object to the “hard” part. It looks to me like this very limiting belief is one thing that is being destroyed right now.

This speaks only to the body of you, not the spirit. Your own spirit is a driving force, the key ingredient to accomplishing great things.

If you have a passion for something, nothing is hard. You may have to train and discipline yourself, and go through intense things to get to your desired results, but it’s not hard if you love it. You are already winning the battle, because you know what you want. You may work “hard”, but it isn’t necessarily hard to do so. It’s far harder, in my opinion, if you are not doing the thing you really want to do.

If your passion is judged harshly or criticized by others whose opinions you value, you may try to convince yourself that it isn’t truly your own passion. Then everything is hard, because you are lying to yourself. You may try to convince yourself that what you are doing is good enough for you, but if it’s not, you will know. This isn’t for anyone else to judge. If you have ever squashed a dream because others said it was impossible, you may want to reexamine it, to see if it’s still yours, see if you still want it. You might have decided that you cannot have it, for whatever reason.

Other people do not know what you are capable of doing. Everyone has their own personal dreams, and yours are your business, nobody else’s. Your greatest responsibility is to listen to those dreams that come from deep within you.

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