Psychic Question Monday: Forgiveness

Welcome to Psychic Question Monday. Today’s question comes from last Monday’s post: “Why is it that other people get angry when I change?”. A reader asked me to write more on this line from that post:

“Forgiveness can help you release everyone else’s resistance and problems about what it is you choose to do.”

The point is that when you choose to change and grow, it is just that, your choice. Funnily enough, some people take offense at that. You may just need some space to figure out a few things for yourself, and suddenly there’s a drama taking place where none need be.

We are all humans, therefore flawed, imperfect, and unique.

Your changes may light something up for your family and friends. They may feel unsafe or abandoned. You cannot control or heal how they feel. That is their responsibility to take care of. However, some people make their feelings everyone else’s problem, as in “when you do that, I feel this and I need to tell you! Solve it!”. You can try to explain to your friend/relative that it isn’t a problem, it’s just that you need to go do your own thing.

So what happens if they cannot hear you?

It’s your choice at this point; do you continue doing what you set out to do, or do you stop and mend someone’s problem with you changing? You are facing resistance at your choice to change. If you resist the resistance, you will not release it. It’ll stick to you like a nasty aftertaste.

One of my favorite energies to work with is Forgiveness. Forgiveness can help you release all kinds of heavy, unhappy, and uncomfortable energies. You can forgive yourself, you can forgive others. None of us is perfect, and we will make mistakes. Repeatedly. Another human ability!

I have to say I want to thank Facebook at this point, for being such a wonderful and unexpected karma clearing device. People from my past keep showing up in droves. If an old hurt comes with one of them, I know where to direct forgiveness. Pretty amazing.

As for using the power of forgiveness in your own life, you may want to look at what it is you are holding onto.

Even if someone has hurt you deeply, it is truly their problem for having done so. You can free yourself by letting go of it, releasing the hold it still has on you. Forgiving is taking back your power. You heal yourself by forgiving. The other person doesn’t have to forgive back, it’s really on your end. What he or she chooses to do is up to him/her. You are forgiving for yourself. It helps to let go of any anger and pain you may be in that you are ready to release.

Forgiveness is the main theme in the award winning documentary, “Forgiving Dr. Mengele”, a film about a woman who survived Auschwitz and the brutal Dr. Mengele’s cruel experiments. I was fortunate to hear Eva Mozes Kor speak at one of the screenings of the documentary made about her courageous decision to forgive the Nazis. One of the biggest obstacles she faced regarding her revolutionary decision was the anger directed at her by other survivors of the Nazi death camps: how dare she forgive? How could she? Who was she to forgive the monsters who killed so many, including her entire family?

Eva said it best here: “I didn’t do it for them. I did it for myself!” She came to understand the healing power of forgiving, rather than holding onto the pain. Holding on will never make it go away, solve it, or make it any better. Eva Mozes Kor began to heal herself and feel better than she had in years simply by forgiving.

What have you been holding onto, and for how many years? Maybe it’s the time to let it go. Do yourself a favor!

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Question Monday: Forgiveness

    • Thank you for visiting here, and for letting me know about Eva Kor’s book, and your wonderful review. I agree, she is inspirational, and courageous. I am grateful she decided to become a very public person.

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