How to protect yourself from unwanted energy

deerparkIreToday’s post has to do with protecting oneself from other energies. Several readers have asked similar questions recently. Here’s one I just received:

How does one that is sensitive, empathic even, cope with a world they simply cannot escape if they can’t keep a shield up 24/7? How does one manage to maintain any kind of normal relationship when s/he is constantly bombarded with energies? Even with grounding techniques, even with intentions, etc. How does this person hold a job? A marriage? Must this person isolate and be as alone as possible? What if this person cannot, despite extreme efforts, gain any control over his or her environment?

This comes up in many readings and classes. Many people are so sensitive to other energies that they walk around feeling as if the whole world is, literally, at their feet. And everywhere else too. it is not a fun feeling, and can cause great pain within one’s space.

A few things to become aware of for yourself here:

First: are you walking around with all of your abilities turned up all the way, all the time? If so, turn them down. You may be experiencing something akin to having all the radios in your home turned up all the way full blast, each on a different station. It gets noisy and messy. Your chakras do not need to be wide open for you to have access to them.

Secondly: if you work with white light and white energy, begin working with the earth and earthy colors. White can let in lots of other energies that like white. White is uncomfortable for your body, and right now you want to make your body happy. Give earthy thoughts to your body. Get next to the earth, ground your body to the earth.

Thirdly: back to your body. What do you say to your body? How do you feel about it? Do you blame it, are you mad or embarrassed by it? To protect yourself, you must learn to love your body. Become its best friend. Move back in. That is also grounding.

Next: Are you taking everyone’s stuff on in a healing capacity? You may be healing others without clearing them out afterward. Get more conscious about what it is you are choosing to take on.

I do not see isolation as a good option, not on a planet filled with incredible, amazing, wonders. Yes, there are times when I, too, feel so sensitive to the changes I am in, that I need space and time away from everyone. But if you are constantly needing to isolate yourself because there is energy in your space taking over, then that energy is winning. You are being owned by that energy. Your life is not how you want it to be.

Rather than complicate it even more, it may be time to simplify. Again, learn how to begin listening to your own body. It is always telling you something, giving you valuable information. It is never wrong. Begin listening, and acting accordingly.

Often the energies that come in are invalidating and punishing. Becoming your own best friend, loving, forgiving, and being kind to yourself, is absolutely healing for you. It is the greatest protection you can create for yourself. It is very useful to find a meditation class that can teach you the tools to get in your body, and to clear out what has been invading you. Just because you are sensitive does NOT make you wrong. You may just need some different ways of doing what you have been trying to do.

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer on this blog, please comment here, and I will address them in future posts.

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Photo: ‘Deer Park Ireland’ ©Geek Philosopher

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9 thoughts on “How to protect yourself from unwanted energy

  1. i’ve been thinking about this issue some for myself, although i don’t think im as sensitive as what you describe here. sometimes i think, for myself, that i use that description of sensitivity as a way not to get involved with the world at large…that really, there is other self-talk i can offer myself that is more strong, powerful, caring, wonderful…that is more appropriate for myself, at least. i’m proud of my sensitivity and don’t want to use it as a reason to hold back….thanks for listening. i’ve just been wanting to say this to somebody…:)

  2. I have had to deal with this off and on my whole life. I am also very sick and I think it is partly because I let in so much of others pain and suffering, I took it on to ease them. But it wasn’t completely intentional. It was sort of who I was. But I have learned to block quite a bit. I do isolate too as being around too many puts me into sensory overload. I don’t think this is the best way to deal with this, but for me it has worked. I need to heal, I just can’t take anything more on. I need any energy that I have to go towards healing and painting. And I believe that the painting actually is healing.

  3. Sue, I agree, your sensitivity is a positive. I always see you as a very powerful force. Your strength is in your sensitivity and gentleness. You and I have a similar tendency to be hard on ourselves, I believe. I agree with you about that self talk being a good thing. I’m glad you brought this up!

    Sara, I’ve worked with a lot of people who have literally gotten sick from the energies they’ve absorbed. Before I began studying psychic meditation and clairvoyance, I was sick every month and, like you, I know it was from taking on everyone else’s stuff. Once I began finding awareness of what it was I was actually doing, I began to release and clear it out of me, and to heal. My energy picked up, I became more validated within myself. Yes, some of it I had to become neutral with: especially other people’s pain. The hardest thing for a healer to do sometimes is to stop trying to solve pain for others. It cannot be solved.

    I’ve actually become more sensitive the longer I’ve been a practicing psychic, working with psychic meditation. I find the sensitivity to be a greater awareness of what it is I am experiencing, and I can experience more as a result.

    Maria, thanks for your visit here. I agree that meditation is a great healing tool.

  4. I am one of the people that wrote in about last Monday’s question. I followed the advice and had immediate results. I wanted to share a few of them here.

    Firstly, the advice about turning the abilities down is invaluable. I am deaf/hard of hearing and I tend to use my abilities to get along in the hearing world. I cannot hear so well so I use every tool at my disposal, and tune in as much as possible so I can function. I realize that I usually would not be missing anything important anyway, so I can turn it down for Goddess’ sakes! In the next few weeks I will be starting a new job at a university for the deaf so I will be using sign language, and not have to tune in so deeply.

    Secondly, white light. Yes, I tend to focus on white light. And I am not “there”, I am HERE. So, thank you. I will definitely work more with earthy colors and commune more with Mother Earth.

    Lastly, my relationship with my body. Interesting point. I am angry at my body because it is in constant pain. It always prevents me from doing what I want and need to do. So, I will work with that. It has been trying to get my attention by causing chronic pain. The only time I am not in pain is when I am meditating. But I can’t live in meditation at all times. Though I have tried to listen to my body, I will listen better. Just last night, upon reflection on this, I started feeling a soreness in my throat. This, I took to indicate an imbalance in my throat chakra and/or my voice. I realized I haven’t been using my voice, or speaking my mind. I will start blogging and writing more since I DO have a lot to say.

    And, at bedtime, during my nightly prayer/meditation before sleep, I specifically tuned in to Mother Earth. I slept like a rock! I haven’t slept that well in ages. I am usually interrupted throughout the night. I woke up still groggy and needing to sleep more, but that is OK. It is going to take more than one night for me to heal completely from this particular problem.

    So, without going into deep detail about even more specifics in my life, your advice has helped me a lot and will prompt some long term changes.

    Many thanks and even more blessings,


  5. I’m still in the phase of exploring the idea of “energies” and the capacity for some people to feel the emotional vibrations of another…

    Ever since I opened my eyes to this possibility a few years ago, I started to become very paranoid. I remember feeling the emotions of my father about 3-4 years ago. They weren’t sexual in nature – they were emotions of extreme hurt and sadness (I had been cold to him and I’m assuming that was his emotional response at the time).

    For whatever reason, I’ve been completely paranoid ever since. I’ve literally been terrified that my fathers emotions will enter my body again. I’ve essentially closed off and prevented myself from feeling emotions freely ever since – becoming what I now call “emotionally empty”. (There are other factors causing this emotional apathy, including anti-psychotic drugs, but that’s a completely different story all together.)

    Needless to say, I’m a total wreck now – I don’t allow myself to feel emotions, and if I do, I feel guilty, as if every emotion I feel is being “stolen” by my father.

    The thing is that my dad has NEVER shown any indication of being a “bad” person, in fact it’s been the exact opposite.

    I am getting to that phase where I’d like to explore the possibility of a relationship or dating…but I can’t allow myself to become free emotionally.

    From what you know about energies, do you think there is any validity in the fear that my father’s emotions (whether unintentionally, or intentionally) are coalescing with my own?

    Thank you for reading this…I really would appreciate if you took the time to respond to this. Your blog post really spoke to me.


    Anonymous 🙂

    • Hello Anonymous,

      Thanks so much for writing, and for sharing your story. You are a sensitive, which means you’re very aware of energy. You may be very connected to your father, and have an agreement with him to match energies with him. He might be the nicest guy around, but his energy still isn’t yours. You could both be doing this and be completely unaware that you are.

      What helps is to be able to ground yourself and become aware of your own energy. If you’re not feeling safe, you may be needing your father to help you to be safe, energetically. Even if you’re not aware that you do this, it could be a cause for how much you’re feeling his energy. A great way to begin to undo this process is to practice meditation with grounding. I write a lot about this on my blog here, and also at my website.

      There is a free 20 minute guided meditation on my website also, at this link: ‘A Gift of Meditation and Peace’.

      Give it a listen and try it out, notice what you feel. You can get your own energy and space back again, by learning what that is for you. Then you’ll also be able to release energy that you don’t want in your space.

      Good luck to you!

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