Trusting your intuition

20090118goldfishPsychic Everyday is back again for another edition of ‘Psychic Question Monday’. Today’s question has to do with intuition:

How do I trust my intuitive feelings? How do I get in touch with my intuition? How do I know my intuition is real?

Intuition is a very real, very valuable, human ability. Each of us has this ability already “built in” – you might say it comes with the whole package of being human. Many people have spoken of using their intuition to protect themselves, help them out of a tight spot, or create something wonderful. If you have ever had a gut feeling about someone or something, you were experiencing your intuition. If you followed your instinctual feeling without over thinking it, you have validated the deeper wisdom that is a natural part of you.

I can’t imagine living a full rich life without accessing this part of myself. I can remember countless times when my intuition helped me solve a problem, avoid bad traffic or difficult people, or find something I was looking for. And I can also laugh at the times I’ve not listened to myself, resisted the information, and perhaps fallen flat on my face as a result.

Intuition has a special clause: it can’t be explained in any satisfactory way to another person. You don’t need to prove it. That’s sort of like asking someone else for permission to have your own ability working for you. Either someone gets it or they don’t. For example, try proving how you feel to another person. You may explain it, so that the other person is made aware that you feel something. But you haven’t necessarily proven anything to anyone, and you don’t need to. If you allow someone else’s judgment of how you feel or what you intuit to take precedence over your own experience, you will destroy that experience. You may begin to doubt yourself. You can destroy your trust in your intuition, thereby blocking your access to it.

We as a society applaud those who are able to use their intuition to create something new and different. We also tend to criticize them for doing so, that is until they “prove” that it was a good idea all along by succeeding. We may be in awe of someone using their intuitive abilities to go where no one has gone before, but sometimes we throw rocks and demand explanations and proof too. Scientific information is valuable, but so is spiritual information. As a culture, we have become controlled by our need for scientific proof or experts to come and explain away the mysteries of life. Intuition is one of those mysteries that cannot be explained away. It is about spirit, and needs to be experienced. Each person will have a different experience, and nobody’s personal experience is better than anyone else’s. Your intuition about me isn’t as important to me as my own intuition about myself is. No offense, it’s just how I roll.

Here are a few ideas for how you can begin to use and validate your own intuition:

1. Listen. Begin by listening to yourself, your own thoughts and feelings. Listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you. Have you been in judgment of yourself or your body? That judgment will make it difficult for you to get any clear answers about what is really going on. You may receive your information in different ways. It is important to listen to what you are feeling.

2. No explanations necessary. This is another thing to listen for: have you been explaining yourself away to others? Do you feel the need to constantly defend and explain yourself? This will get in your way, and make it virtually impossible to validate what you are trying to tell yourself on an intuitive level. Also, if you are looking to others to validate your intuition for you, you may be disappointed. You must own it for yourself.

3. Follow Through. After listening for and beginning to own your intuition, it is important to follow through. Take action based on what you have learned. Make that phone call, say hello to that person, take a different route, whatever your intuition says.

4. Validate yourself. It helps to consciously validate and thank yourself and your intuition for coming through for you. Equally, it is important to admit when you didn’t follow through, and if it would have been good to do so. You can retrain yourself to listen, to follow through independently. Write down your wins in your journal, to remind yourself.

5. Have fun with this! No competition necessary. You win just by listening to yourself and your own wisdom. This all works much better from a place of fun. Enjoy!

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“Goldfish” ©Debi Cates 2009  The Many Hats Of Debi Cates

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6 thoughts on “Trusting your intuition

  1. thanks so much for this post. growing up i was never encouraged to express or trust my feelings, and i still second guess myself a lot. but i am also listening more and following through, and the more i allow it the more i trust what im feeling and hearing. it’s powerful and freeing, really.

    • Sue, you are welcome. Thanks for reading. I understand about what it is you experienced growing up, it was very similar to my experience. I agree, we get to free ourselves now!

  2. Awesome article, Kris. It’s good for me to be reminded how important “gut feeling” is, and I should be a lot more open to it, a lot more quiet with the thinking, and be more down with the listening.

    One area that I’m pretty good at trusting my intuition — perhaps women in general can relate to this — is with issues of safety and strangers. Something doesn’t feel right about that guy walking my way? I get out my cell phone and make a call as I cross the street. Not digging the way someone is chatting me up? I suddenly remember I have an appointment and have to leave. Generally feeling like something doesn’t feel right about a place I’m going? I turn around.

    And so far, that’s worked pretty good, which drives home your point — I should be listening more! And not worry about explaining a darn thing. It’s perfect how you liken intuition to feelings. That is dead on.

    • Thanks, Debi. It’s great that you listen as often as you do. You value yourself very highly to listen and be self protective. Validating your feelings is also important, because doing so validates the body’s wisdom. That is where intuition lives.

  3. It was raised to completely ignore my feelings and believe in another false truth instead. It’s still difficult for me to rely on my basic instincts and it is difficult for me to get in touch with them. Very often I totally ignore them, because I’m so busy finding logical explanations for everything.

    This post reminds me to trust and depend on them and to become aware of them and to rely on those primary feelings that are the first warning signals that something may not be what it appears to be. It is hard when you’ve been taught to ignore that. I’m going to make a real effort to do that, though, as I believe it can help further my own cause.

    Thanks very much, this helped a lot.

    • Irene, you are so wise, and you have so much information that you alone can validate. You are doing that more and more, and that is wonderful. Can you imagine the kind of world we would have if more people did so? Amazing, wouldn’t it be? We all have that power, just by listening to our own personal intuition.

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