Having what you want

20090718gourdHere is a question from a reader about being able to have what one wants to have:

I have been experiencing a high level of Havingness lately, but when it comes to my deepest desires I don’t believe I can really manifest them for myself. Yet I keep proving that I can do these things. Where is the disconnect?

‘Havingness’, for those of you who are wondering, is the ability to have what it is you want to have in your life. It is also the ability to have what you already have. If you have been unable to manifest something you truly want, it doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of creating or manifesting it. It just means that there is energy in the way of you having it. The energy might be a lie in your space that says it isn’t possible to do this, nobody in your family has ever been able to have it so why should you? What if you get this thing and your friends get mad because they didn’t get their dreams too?

I’ve seen groups of people make agreements that nobody gets to succeed until everyone does. It’s not a conscious agreement, by any means. And it doesn’t really work. What happens is that nobody gets what they want. But, when you move ahead of the rest, you may handle a bit of resistance about stepping out. Others may go into pain or get angry, and you really can’t do anything about that. Unless you decide to step back again and wait for the permission to have what you want.

What this reader is asking has to do with being able to have what she wants to have in her life, even though she is handling energy that makes it seem like it’s not possible or real. She has already proven to herself that she is very capable of creating what she wants, yet there is a resistance in her space that says she “can’t have it all”, or in this case, can’t have what she really wants.

In order to have what you really want, in your heart of hearts, you must make it your priority. It must be true for you, not what someone else has decided is okay for you to have. If you have been holding yourself back for someone else, you can change that and focus on your own life. What you focus your attention on is where you create. As soon as you do this, you may hit varying degrees of the following: exhilaration, excitement, a sense of possibilities, invalidation, fear, hopelessness, demands to get real and grow up, a feeling of unreality, etc etc etc…

What is so beautiful about this economic downturn and recession, is that after losing their jobs, and without any other jobs available, a large number of people have begun to create something new for themselves. Even to follow dreams they had long ago given up on, as not being real.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to lose your job or be at the brink of any disasters in order to create your life the way you want to. We have all had variations of the kind of programming that decrees what is possible and correct to do. Our families have all had different kinds of permissions for this. Many artists and musicians will tell tales of not being accepted or respected by their families until they succeeded. How many dentists have told you that their fathers disowned them when they enrolled in Dental College? I think you get the idea.

There may be a lot of judgment on your dream. Time to move it out of there! You could be in judgment too, and may need to stop that. In order to get what you want to have, in your heart of hearts, it is time to get very real and make it your priority. If you want something so very much, it wants you too.

One more thought: What is the world losing out on because you are not giving completely of yourself?

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6 thoughts on “Having what you want

  1. Right on Kris! Anytime I focus and prioritize, I make things happen. I haven’t given myself permission to prioritize for me in a big way. I hope the question resonated for others too. I find that the Psychic Question Monday questions and answers are always something I can use.

    Thank you.

  2. Hey Kris,
    Thank you! I have been manifesting all these amazing things in my life while still having a ‘disconnect’ somewhere. The disconnect to my deepest desires has recently ‘taken over’ the other manifestations as well by way of making me forget that I am that powerful.

    It is a perfect thing that I stumble into your article at the perfect time.

    Have a fabulous New Year!
    Alex (from downtown, btw…)

    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, you are powerful! And an amazing creator. Good luck with your dreams in 2010, I’ll bet you accomplish some amazing things this year.

      Happy New Year to you!

  3. Kris, what does your insight tell you about when a person’s desires (free will) conflicts with the life plan their soul has for them? An example of this is when someone desires to be well now, but their soul wants them to experience sickness at this present time to help them grow.

    • Hello Joe, I see this as a chance to become more conscious about what it is you really want, and what your own energy truly is. When you are in your own truth and consciously listening to your body, your energy is in movement. Energy in movement is healing. Knowing who you are and where you’re at is healing. Illness in the body isn’t your own true energy.

      Someone may create an illness in order to wake up, to become conscious. I’ve seen people create incredible healing for themselves by choosing to become conscious to the energy that was in their space, their body or spirit, that wasn’t theirs. If one has experienced hurts and held onto them, they become blockages in the body. Same for invalidation, judgment, self hatred, and so on. Becoming aware of energy, specifically your own, creates healing. It is a process, and bodies need time. Not everyone will do this in the same way.

      I don’t see this as the soul choosing one thing while the body chooses another, necessarily. This can be the case, certainly, and if so, it’s time to get body and spirit together and talking. Your own spirit doesn’t necessarily prefer sickness, but if it’s how you’re going to wake up, you might choose it. You can decide to choose differently.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for your question and for reading. You might enjoy checking out this page here, which is a list of all of the posts about healing:

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