Ten good reasons to meditate

20091008golden2Why Meditate? Here are a number of good reasons why you may want to do so.

1. Vanity – meditation can improve your looks. By grounding and releasing the stress and other energies you take on in your daily life, you will also relax your body and release energies that can prematurely age you. You will look and feel better. Meditating regularly helps you become more present, which is an attractive quality to have. Notice how I started with this one?

2. Get to know the most important person in your life – you. This is the most valuable information you can ever have. When you know yourself well, know what you want and need, it becomes easier for you to act in your own interests. We are living in a world with many distractions that can keep us from ourselves. Daily meditation can help you find your way back to you. This is where your answers are, within you.

3. A stronger immune system. By letting go of whatever you pick up that isn’t you, you release energy that gets in the way of your own healthy vibration. If you aren’t taking on what everyone else has got, you can more easily stay healthy and happy.

4. Greater emotional health. When you give time to yourself every day, time away from the cares, worries, and demands of the outside world, you are able to let go of the emotional demands you have picked up from everyone else too. You will feel better, from within. This also contributes to #3, a stronger immune system.

5. It’s good for your heart. Google ‘meditation and heart health’ and you’ll see for yourself. Scientists and doctors are discovering what practitioners of meditation have known for thousands of years. Meditate for your heart. You can release pain and other harmful energies from your heart. If you are undergoing a doctor’s care for heart issues, add daily meditation to your health care regime.

6. Slow down, you move too fast. Meditation can help you remember to enjoy the simple things in life. The kind of meditation I prefer is the grounded, in the body kind. Practicing this can regularly help you remember you have a body, slow down enough to listen to it, and heal yourself deeply as a result.

7. Find your creative streak. Each person has the ability to create. Sometimes it can be hard to create what you want because there are so many demands to take care of other things or people, and such resistance to creating for yourself. By giving yourself time alone to meditate regularly, you will begin to open up that creative part of yourself more. What’s more, you can start to see what it is you actually want to create.

8. Meditation helps you listen better. This can help you to find your own answers. If you are confused about what it is you want to do, have, or be, meditate to find your own answers. One way to do this is to close your eyes, breathe and relax, and simply be. Allow your answers to come to you. Don’t try to solve anything. Listen to your own inner thoughts, intuition, wisdom. Yes, you do have those things.

9. Body and Spirit = Joy. You are more than a body, you are spirit too. Your body is in one place, while your spirit can be in many places at once. By grounding and getting more of you back into your body, you can more easily and effortlessly create what it is you want in your life. It is easier to find your own bliss, your own joy, by bringing yourself back into the present time.

10. Meditating feels good. Grounding your body and letting go of other energies feels great. It can lighten you, while also helping you feel safer and more connected to your body and the earth. It becomes easier to feel good, when you are grounded to the earth.

©Kris Cahill
http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
Image: ‘Golden’ ©Debi Cates

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