Body + Spirit = Joy

20090831delicateself1Another Psychic Question Monday with an interesting question for today:

Our emotional well-being is quite important, but how do we know we have a soul, separate from the body? It seems to me that we ARE our bodies.  -Carrie

Carrie is referring to this post from last Monday, in which I state something that has become true to me after reading it in myself and others for over ten years now, body and spirit = joy.

You are more than a body, you are a spirit too. The wonderful thing about your spirit is that it is unique to you. Nobody else can know you as well as you know yourself, because you are original, one of a kind in all of time. It is the spirit of you that creates first, before you manifest the results.

There is no ‘proving’ spirit, and I will not attempt to do so here. You get to prove it to yourself by having it available to you, and by listening to that part of you. It has nothing to do with religion, or following someone else’s rules about what to believe. It has to do with knowing yourself. There is more to you than you may have allowed yourself to know, and you are bigger than you may know.

Many people need evidence that something actually exists in order to have it be real for them. Scientific proof is a popular thing these days. But what about: music that touches a part of you that is deeper than the body, art that reaches you in a similar fashion, an evening sky that creates a moment of magic within. Any healing practitioner can tell you that if someone wants to heal, they will more likely do so, while those who do not, won’t.

What about the longings deep inside of you to become, to have?  Some of these longings may not make sense to you, but they are there nonetheless. They may not be practical, or accepted by your family or group. Yet they still tug at you. This is your spirit talking.

Music, nature, beauty and art all say hello to the spirit. This is the greatest healing one can experience, the hello to the spirit. When your spirits have been lifted, it translates to healing for the body. Your emotions, which belong to the body, can heal. Heal the spirit, and the spirit can heal the body.

What I have learned from the work I’ve done for the past ten years, is that once someone begins to get his or her spirit back into present time, and into the body, life becomes more joyful and real. Healing begins to happen. Feeling scattered is being scattered: your spirit can be in many places at once. Get yourself back here into the present, which is where your body is, and you heal on every level of yourself. Body + Spirit = Joy.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Elf’ ©Debi Cates 2009

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2 thoughts on “Body + Spirit = Joy

  1. Thank you, Pam. I love using the photos of my dear friend, Debi Cates, to illustrate my writing. They always seem to fit well!

    Body + Spirit = Joy is going to be a tee shirt, I just decided!

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