The brilliance of the human spirit

The human spirit is a fantastic, resilient, brilliant, incredible thing. If this were not so, we humans might have died off, or already managed to kill ourselves off, long ago.

We have the power (or so we like to believe) over all other life forms, power greater than any other beings on this planet we inhabit together. We alone have the power of free thought, choice, reasoning. The desire to become something is what helps make us unique from other species.

What we each choose to become is what makes us unique from each other. Two human beings can grow up in very similar circumstances, and each can choose markedly different paths. This is a choice of the spirit.

Human history is filled with stories of strength, creation, beauty, pain, destruction – life and death. Tales of redemption, change, growth, and the ongoing drama between good and evil, entertain us daily. Every day brings new choices, and the daily choices fill our nightly news.

One may not know the strength of one’s own spirit until being tested. And tested again. When you’ve run into a test, you are given an opportunity to make choices, exercise your free will. Every day brings another opportunity to do this. Each choice made during a day creates space – or not, for other choices yet to come. What may look like a bad choice to someone else may be the right one for you. Other people have opinions and judgments, which is also what makes choosing for oneself tricky. It is necessary to get past the judgments of others to find your own truth.

There is a fine art to having free will. You will choose based upon what you believe your choices to be. You may also choose to please or heal others. Many people have spent their whole lives making choices based on fear. Once you have begun to know yourself, learn who you are and what makes you tick, you will begin to see you actually have more interesting choices. It doesn’t necessarily get simpler, but it can certainly be easier to be true to yourself.

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Photo ©Debi Cates 2010 ‘Sitting in Weeds at Sunset’

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