How to be safe while being psychic

Today’s Psychic Question was asked by a reader concerned about being safe enough to have her psychic abilities on:

Q: I feel like when I open up psychically, I’m afraid I will lose my health or get sick. How do I protect myself and my physical health when I open up psychically?

Being psychic means being sensitive to, and aware of, energy. Everything is made of energy, so if you are extra sensitive to the energies in your environment, it can be really tough to have your abilities on and working for you. You may decide it’s not worth the trouble, especially if you continually run into energies that feel frightening or punishing to you.

The good news is that you can have an awareness of other energies, and you don’t have to pay such a steep price to have your psychic abilities working for you. Being sensitive to energy does not mean you have to be run over by it as well.

Here are a few suggestions as to how you might protect yourself better so you can be safe and well:

1. Let go of any resistance you might have towards the energies you are afraid of handling. When you are in resistance to an energy, it will stick to you. By not resisting, you give the energy nowhere to land in your space. This can be trickier than it seems. Some ways to let go of resistance include: letting go of control over a situation; using forgiveness; releasing responsibility for something you really have no control over to begin with.

2. Learn to ground yourself, and practice this technique daily. Grounding is a technique in which you connect your body to the earth. Grounding makes your body safe, which is crucial to you being safe enough to have your own abilities on and running for you. Grounding also makes it possible to release the energies you’ve taken on that are not yours. Grounding is healing and makes it possible to manifest what it is you want.

3. When energy gets out of control and is uncomfortable in your space, you may unconsciously turn all of your abilities up in order to find a way to protect yourself. This will actually have the opposite effect. Visualize a way to turn your own abilities down, perhaps a knob or dial. When the energies you are handling get uncomfortable, imagine turning your abilities down to a more comfortable setting. If you are feeling too wide open, you probably are.

4. Find some amusement with the energies you are handling. Often this energy invalidates you, which is how it controls. This is not your truth, though it may be true you are handling the energy. If you don’t give up space to the energy coming in, if you can find some neutrality with it, you are that much closer to getting its effects out of your space. Let go of needing to solve, explain, or be okay with this energy. If it is hurting you, it needs to be let go of, period. You do not need permission from it to do so. You can be in charge here.

5. Your body is yours, and the more you are in it, the more protected it is. Find ways you can, every day, heal and protect your own body. If a certain food seems to bring on a sensitivity, pay attention to that, you may need to avoid this food. If certain people do the same, ditto. It’s up to you. You have the power to own your own abilities and use them for yourself. You can choose to do so.

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