A creative collaboration – body and spirit

A collaboration is a cooperation between two or more people or groups. One of the goals of collaboration is to make new discoveries.

Communication is an important tool used in any collaboration, whether person to person, or on a larger scale, between countries. A collaboration is an agreement of some kind.

There is strength in numbers; one person alone may find it difficult or impossible to create a film, an event, a school, or a democracy. Even if you do something all by yourself, and you want to share what you have discovered or created, other people are welcome and needed. Social bookmarking is a prime example of this, making it possible to share one’s news or latest creation with the entire planet, at the click of a button.

No technology will ever replace human contact, that direct and open communication we can have with each other. Communication gives us each a vital nutrient. How rich is our experience on planet earth, due to having so many different ways of looking at and experiencing, life. Working together in collaboration, we humans truly can create anything we choose.

There is another kind of collaboration to look at, one much closer to home. The primary collaboration you already have is the communication between your own body and spirit.

Like any collaboration, if the lines of communication are open and friendly, creativity can flow. New frontiers can be discovered. Cooperation within oneself makes it easier to actually get anything done.

If there is judgment, invalidation, or resistance in the way, or the lines of communication are damaged or broken, one’s health and energy suffers. What can happen all too often in these over scheduled busy times, is that one pushes and pushes one’s body, ignoring its pleas for enough rest, nutritious food, exercise, play. We tell our bodies what they can have, rather than listen to them telling us what they want and need.

This is a bit like standing outside of your body with a remote, giving orders; ‘body, do this now!’. If you persist in this behavior and never sit and listen to your body, it will find a way to make you listen. Illnesses and injuries have a way of making one sit still and pay attention.

How can you improve the communication between your body and spirit? Sit, listen, be. Speak kindly to your body. Respect it. Give your body the rest it needs. Learn to meditate, so that you have some tools with which to heal your body. Meditation is a simple practice that you can use to heal your own body and spirit. Your body has great wisdom, already built in. It is always telling you things, giving you valuable information. Meditation is the art of listening to yourself, and having communication within yourself.

When you do take the time to listen, you will be richly rewarded. You’ll have more energy, validation, health, intuition, fun. When you treat your body like it knows a few things, your collaboration together can yield some wonderful new discoveries. An added bonus is that your body will feel safer. When your body feels safe, happy, and valued, you can have peace within yourself.

©Kris Cahill
http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
‘Marathon Man’ ©Debi Cates

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