Do you know your own value?

Value is one of the biggest concepts we all have to deal with, each and every day of our lives. Whatever it is that you do, and however you see yourself, value is part of your life.

Each of us has made major life decisions based on what has value for us, and whether or not we think we have value.

The 21st century is all about the redefinition of this word. As our economies fluctuate and falter, and our former ways of seeing the world and ourselves change, what once had value may also be changing. What we once depended on to increase in value, has failed us. Or is it that we are the ones who are changing, and as we change within, our outer world does also? Perhaps we are now able to see more clearly what has true meaning for us, as we move forward?

In the past few years, many people have experienced being devalued; jobs cut, real estate in decline, infrastructures crumbling. It has been a tougher market out there. What is funny is that we all continue to live on a planet brimming with natural wealth, beauty, and everything we need to create wonderful lives for ourselves. Apparently, something big is changing here. Could it be us?

It is wonderful to see that more people have begun to look for their own answers within themselves. Rather than measure their worth by what the marketplace says it is, people are looking within, listening to their hearts more. By taking the time to learn what has meaning for them, they naturally set a new way of living in motion.

This is a great opportunity to redefine what has true value and meaning for you. If you know your own true worth, no invalidation can step into your way. This is entirely up to you. If you continue to allow others to define this for you, you will not have much say about how you are seen, by yourself or them.

When your value is determined by the marketplace, where does that leave you? This is the tough question many people are grappling with now. When one has been unable to find a job suitable for one’s experience and level of training, what does that do to one’s self image? It can be hard to find your way when what you have to give is no longer deemed worthy, and seems to be no longer needed.

Artists have been familiar with this question for as long as there has been an outside value placed on their art. Creators of all kinds have continued to create, even in the seeming face of indifference. They know that it is up to them to bring their creations forward, and that these creations will not exist if they don’t. Even through the greatest difficulties, artists will make art. The creative spirit comes through, over and over. What is truly valuable, rises to the surface, yet again. That spirit, that determination to bring the new vision into reality, becomes their gift to the rest of us. There is value in originality, in creativity, in self expression.

Think of the artists, musicians, performers, writers, teachers, healers, scientists, inventors, who gave from themselves and by doing so, created a brand new world, again and again. By creating something and releasing it, you also help to create a brand new world. What if your vision has value?

What many people are finding now is that this is a time of opportunity. With old ways of doing business moving behind us, we have more space in which to create a whole brand new way of living life. It is the time to take responsibility for your own vision, to bring it forward, to value what you want to see become reality.

What has been fun to see is that many people are turning to their original dreams. You know, the ones they had when they were younger, before they were convinced to “get real” and “get a real job”. How interesting that the original dreams people return to are often their creative  dreams, the ones they wanted so much when they were younger.

If you begin with deciding your own value, you may create a whole lot more than you thought you could. If you have been used to allowing the outside world to determine your inner worth, perhaps now is the time to reverse that way of doing business for yourself.

Creativity is an exercise of the spirit. What if you are actually your greatest creation? How does your life change when you begin to see yourself this way? You may be much more powerful than you think you are.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Delightful 2’ ©Debi Cates 2010

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2 thoughts on “Do you know your own value?

  1. Hi Kris, I came by to say that on and on I visit your website and read your thoughts.

    You’re on the spot. I was just thinking about value this whole week…how people rely on misjudgment by not paying attention really…by ‘seeing-on-the-surface’. They end up missing wonderful opportunities. And most of it related to discovering things about themselves or the stranger in front of them, to having a good time, to finding the best candidate for that specific role.

    It gets all very misleading when they give you a score: “Hmm, he’s 7 almost 8 and if this was like this and that like that…yeah…it could be…but it’s not”. What? Stop the ‘world-of-thoughts’ (’cause I too can hear them) and let me step out for a second. Freeze the scene. Let me erase that thought. Here, carry this ‘basket-of-me’. Hold it tight. Can you feel it? No, don’t think about it. Do you feel me now? Good. Overwhelmed? Ashamed of your thoughts? Good. Now, let’s start it all over.

    Worthiness is all about respect. And one has to have an immense self-respect to also support the foolishness of the ones without the awareness of the ‘precious’ and ‘valuable’ moments of realizing the other. These kind of attentiveness toward the other would raise what ‘value’ means to higher grounds of vibration.

    What if we discovered colors never before seen? What if we looked down and realized we were hovering up little by little against the floor? What if we burst ourselves out so much the laughter filling up the room? What about dropping all of the ‘what-ifs’ and being up to really start doing it? Hmm? What about it?

    That would be beautiful to be experienced. I’m still counting on that. Every day I look for that spark of ‘what have I missed here’ on every other person’s eye so we can start it crude.

    Let’s value the being!

    Frank Thousand.

    • Hi Frank,
      Thanks for letting me know you read and find value in my words. You have a lot of interesting things to say, and I thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Yes, we humans tend to judge each other, but think about this. What if you just don’t worry about the judgment? There are so many unique, thinking, and creating humans out there. And more are showing up all the time. It’s a magical time. What if you don’t need approval from those who are afraid of your different way of doing things?

      By valuing yourself, and the being you see in each other person you meet, you give that being a chance to step up. Instead of resisting the judgments coming at you – and if you are different from those around you, you will be handling judgment – go have fun being you. It sounds like you already do this!

      Have fun!

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