Grounding your creativity

If you have many wonderful creative ideas, but have had difficulty or frustration in realizing them, it can be all too easy to blame yourself for not being capable of creating.

Your ability to manifest your own vision may be invalidated, for whatever reason. Perhaps you never thought you had any creative talent to begin with, yet there is a burning desire within you to create… something. Perhaps you were given strong hints while growing up that becoming an artist wasn’t a “real” job for actual grown-ups. This energy within you would go a long way towards squashing your natural permission to create, without effort.

Your difficulty in manifesting on a creative level may have to do with being pulled in too many directions at once. When you are trying to have it all and do it all at once, it will be hard to get any one thing real and working. If you feel you are only skimming the surface in your work, this may be why.

This may also be the reason why you work on many projects at once. If you get stuck on one, you have a good excuse to step away from it. You can let it drop, and forget all about it. The only problem with this one is that soon you will have a lot of unfinished projects, and a deep seated belief that you’re not any good at creating what it is you want.

You may have a lot of demands on your time and energy that make it hard for you to find enough time to actually create something you want. Perhaps there is a demand on you to spend your energy creating for others, and when it comes to your own vision, there often isn’t enough energy left for that.

The way to make it possible to create what you want is a lot more down to earth – literally.

Grounding is a spiritual technique used to make things real, to manifest, create stability, make it safe to take a chance. When you are able to use grounding, for yourself and your creations, it is much more possible to make those things actually happen. You can use grounding to release any invalidation and frustration, the demands that you go do something else, anything other than realize your own vision.

When you begin to ground for yourself, you create more space in which to create. Creating anything requires having enough energy and enough space to do so. By consciously choosing to give this to yourself, you are already creating!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
Image ©Kris Cahill 2010 “The Queen’s Court” sold

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