Clairvoyance and how to see yourself clearly

In last week’s post on clairvoyance, I mentioned that you can use this spiritual ability to see yourself clearly. By doing so, you can heal yourself deeply and create your life to be how you would like it to be.

What can stop you from doing this? The main energy you may run into in your quest to see yourself clearly, is judgment. One of the first lessons a clairvoyant learns is that it is impossible to see anyone or anything clearly while also in judgment of that person or thing. Judgment clouds clear seeing. The judgment might be a positive or negative one. Neutrality, non-judgment, is the goal here.

If you are in judgment of yourself, you will not be able to see you, clearly. You are already the most difficult person for you to see, since you are all tangled up in you. It’s harder to step back and see yourself from a neutral perspective. Actually, the greatest use of clairvoyance is to do just that. If you can see yourself clearly, with love and forgiveness, you can create your own life to be just as you consciously want it to be.

Many people in today’s busy world never seem to find the time to sit still and simply be. There is much of a demand to be busy, to constantly be Doing Something. People often get uncomfortable with non action, which is sometimes seen in a negative light as being lazy, non-productive, or unpopular. As in, “if I am sitting at home alone quietly and not really producing much of anything, I’m either lazy or nobody likes me.” Anyway one looks at it, simply Being can often feel uncomfortable if one is unaccustomed to it.

Sometimes a person will unconsciously create an illness or injury in order to have permission to stop moving and be still. There is a demand on a spiritual or soul level to Be, but the body is so programmed to Do that it cannot stop moving. Though having a serious illness can be seen as a major setback, many people who have experienced this kind of thing have said that it was actually one of the best things that ever happened to them, and that they changed their entire lives for the better as a result.

There is an easier way. You can decide to spend quality time getting to know and love yourself. By doing so, you make it easier to see yourself, and heal yourself. Becoming conscious about who you really are and what you truly want makes it easier to create those things for yourself.

It is when you decide to see that you are able to do so.

You are taught from the time you were quite small that you need to look outside of yourself for your answers, that others know more about you than you do. Actually, the opposite is true. Nobody else has your answers for you, though it is true that others may hold many clues and keys. We can help each other grow and learn much about ourselves through relationships, but it is still up to each of us to do the work and get to really know ourselves.

The reward for this inner work is a richer more fulfilled life. You will never be bored a day in your life once you have taken the time to get to know the most important person in your life – yourself.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011  All Rights Reserved  ~
Image: ‘Night Palms’ ©Karas Cahill

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4 thoughts on “Clairvoyance and how to see yourself clearly

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on this. Kris. I do something similar like looking at myself without judgment and that is stepping outside myself and looking back at me who is left there to see how she is doing. If I remove myself from the person and the immediate situation, I can make much clearer choices. I’m not so passionately involved. Does that make sense?

    • Hello Nora, yes it does make sense. It looks like you have found a way to see yourself in a situation clearly. This makes it easier to not take everything so personally, which then makes it easier to take a next step. A great skill to have!

  2. Oh, Wise Woman, thank you; you gave me new insight on my chronic illness!
    It feels like there is a movement all around us to slow us humans down. I say yes and lead us out of the confusion, Kris.
    Really cute picture, too.:)

    • Thank you, Pam, for your kind comment! I agree, we have been ‘asked’ to slow down, encouraged in many ways to do this. We have needed to slow down, to remember who we are, and that our bodies need us to pay attention to them. When we are able to love and heal ourselves, the rest is much easier. This is my life’s work, really, saying hello to those who want the hello. Everyone has power within to make changes for the better, if he or she decides to do so.

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