Perfection can really bite

Perfection isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming for perfection or trying to be excellent. The desire to get things right isn’t a harmful one, not in the least. If you are working on improving and embellishing yourself in any way, that is a great thing. It can be both validating and satisfying to know that you did your best. It is helpful to have a goal, and strive to achieve it.

However, if perfection itself becomes the goal, you run the risk of losing your spiritual vision, your ability to see clearly. You can really get stuck in the search for perfection. You can lose your permission to play, experiment, and create.

You can forget that making mistakes helps you to learn.

As we get older and more responsible, more self important, and more enmeshed in those self images or the images we think we need to have, it is easy to forget how to experiment and play. It gets scary when there is more at stake; harder to risk any of what you’ve already achieved. When you’re afraid of letting go of something that is already great or perfect, it’s hard to move on and create something new. It’s kind of like playing your greatest hits over and over: soon they become oldies.

The energy of perfection can become static, stuck, non-moving. The demand to be perfect all of the time is really a fear based way of doing things. Someone who needs to appear perfect at all times is often hiding behind a mask of pain. There is no room to simply be, when one is stuck in having to also be perfect. One may be so frightened of other people’s judgments that one’s own natural energy and life force seem frozen, unavailable.

Perfect demands that you hang onto things, instead of letting them go in order to create something new. Perfect has a hard time seeing the beauty that is already present, in the search for an ideal of beauty. Perfect constantly judges and weighs, accepting or dismissing based on subjective criteria. Perfect can make it hard to trust one’s instincts.

You are already perfect, as you are. You were born this way, with all of your quirks, unique spirit and personality, way of seeing and experiencing the world. You have a unique viewpoint that is needed, as is. When you give yourself breathing room to be and let go of perfect, you allow others around you to do the same. This is healing for everyone.

©Kris Cahill
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Image: ‘Croc’ ©KevinZim on Flickr
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