The bigger picture

It’s easy to lose track of the big picture, while in the midst of busy and sometimes even chaotic, everyday life.

Much of what you encounter daily can take you away from your body, spirit, and your own truth. Other energy gets in the way, and it can be easy to lose perspective in all of that noise.

The good news is that there is an easy way to regain perspective, find your own answers, and heal yourself at the same time.

Communication with the earth is healing for you. Your body is made of the earth, everything you have comes from this earth. This means everything, even that smart phone, is made possible because of the earth. If you can communicate with the earth, you can literally ‘come down to earth‘, make things real for yourself, manifest your dreams more effortlessly, make your body happy, create with joy.

Working with the earth can help you create healing for yourself on every level of being. It can remind you that you have a body. By grounding yourself to the earth, you make it easier to communicate with your own spirit, and to safely let go of energies that aren’t yours.

Awareness of earth energy can help you to find your own grounding, which leads to you being able to find your own answers.

We live on an incredibly wealthy and abundant planet, with plenty for every single human being alive. It is easy to forget this when there is so much suffering, and so many people who don’t have enough.

You don’t change any of this by matching to the pain and lack. By finding your own body, spirit, and answers, however, you can create real change on this beautiful planet. Change is not something that happens ‘out there’ – it actually begins with each one of us.

©Kris Cahill /
Image of the earth taken from Apollo 17.

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