What is so difficult about non-effort?

Why is non-effort harder than it sounds? Isn’t that a contradiction?

For many of us, some of the time, non-effort takes some doing. This is especially true if one has been thoroughly programmed in the Puritan work ethic, which states that one must work very hard in order to achieve great things. Anything that comes easily to you is plain dumb luck.

Apparently, if you create something effortlessly, it isn’t as real as when you are in great amounts of effort to create. What!?

There is also the wisdom that says, ‘Look Busy’. In other words: ‘look as if you are earning your paycheck so your boss doesn’t get nervous’. The funny thing is that even if you do become your own boss, you might still have this on your back, and still think you are wasting time when you are ‘doing nothing’.

None of these scenarios take spirit into consideration.

Working with spirit and from your spirit, takes no effort whatsoever. Spirit is effortless, and effort won’t work when you want to create with your spirit. Anything that becomes real and takes form, began first with spirit, as energy – an idea, thought, or vision.

One example of creating effortlessly with spirit is live music. Remember the last concert you attended, what it felt like to be there, how you experienced the musicians in the moment. The quality of your experience had a lot to do with how effortlessly the musicians played, whether they were in the flow, or seemed stiff to you. In the moment, your experience was more profound if the musicians were not in effort, but were working with spirit. This is why live concerts are so popular, and so healing to attend. Something is being created in this moment now that will never exist again. And you were there!

Those musicians trained for many long hours to be there on that stage. They put effort into their work, worked hard to achieve their excellence. This does not mean they were also in effort. There is a difference.

Being in effort gets in the way of creativity, imagination, invention. If you have to always be doing instead of simply being, you may already be in effort.

We are training children in this country to be constantly busy, constantly doing, constantly improving themselves and learning. How many children do you know that have large blocks of unscheduled time, who are free to explore, create without an adult’s agenda, learn without adult judgment and interference? Or perhaps they are glued to a screen somewhere, watching images created by someone else.

Children, as well as adults, need time to putter, time to invent, time to simply play without needing to look like they are producing anything of value or improving themselves one bit. This is where genius comes from, and no effort is needed or required.

“So you see the imagination needs moodling, – long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.” – Brenda Ueland, ‘If You Want To Write’

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

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Image, ‘Water Drop’ ©Every Stock Photo
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