Psychic Saturday: Stillness helps you see

Take time today to breathe, sit, and be.

Give yourself the space to do nothing. Observe the world around you. Listen to your body. Relax and allow yourself to listen, see, smell, experience. Come back to your senses and notice what you find.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

Image: Blue Sky Water ©Every Stock Photo
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4 thoughts on “Psychic Saturday: Stillness helps you see

  1. I love your blog and thank you for always checking up on me and my girls . . . at some point I’m going to have to hire you and see what you see for me.

    I feel blessed to be a part of an online movement moving women forward in their dreams. We can create a softer, less violent world.

    Big hug, Catherine

    PS. Your images are spectacular!

    • Thank you for your visit, Catherine, and for your beautiful blog as well. How wonderful to have the technology to communicate with so many so easily!

      I love to use wonderful photos, so thanks for that. I look for them, and often they inspire my words.

  2. as I am working today I will be conscious of the world around me and thinking of that time soon when we will be sitting at a cafe in Paris or Rome just watching the world go by.

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