How to be clairvoyant: you have to want to see

People often think clairvoyance is a great mystery, an illusive, out of reach ability, unavailable to ‘regular folks’.

It’s even kinda spooky and scary for some people. Admit it, the first time you met a person who told you she or he was a psychic, clairvoyant reader, or medium, you may have been a little shaken. Especially if you had no idea before this person told you what he or she does for a living. You just thought they were kind of, you know, normal.

How wonderful, then, to know that being psychic is normal. You are also psychic. You already have clairvoyance, built in. It came with you as part of your original, um, software. No extras needed.

Well, if you’re so clairvoyant, why aren’t you aware of it then?

Yes, clairvoyance is part of being human, but has gotten a bad rap over the last few thousand years or so. It’s just in the last few decades, really, that it is becoming more widely accepted. Like every other part of our planet, the psychic world is also evolving and changing, both from within and from the outside. Clairvoyance is a psychic ability, the ability to see energy clearly. Clairvoyance really has nothing to do with making predictions or forecasting doom.

What is happening is that we humans have begun to use our vision much more than in past generations. We are evolving spiritually, and the signs of this are everywhere in the physical world: a world filled with fun visual toys to play with: touch screens, iPads, smart phones, video everywhere, lots of colorful eye candy. Vision rules, and she or he who knows how to use this ability will go far.

Predicting the future is so boring when you can actually visualize and even create it. Clairvoyance = Vision.

However, it is true that in order to see anything, you have to want to see it. Even trained professional clairvoyants will not see what they do not want to see. A room full of them will miss a lot if nobody wants to look at it.

A few reasons why you may not know about your own clairvoyance:

You may not want to see the pain others are in, especially if you can’t stop the pain. You may have a hard time looking at what is really happening in the world if you have no solutions for it, if you feel powerless. Many people turn off their clairvoyance as young children because it frightens their parents and other adults. It is considered rude to have one’s own space and not match to others, in certain situations. If you are trying to see clearly, you must be able to have your own space to do so.

Clairvoyance isn’t polite. Actually, really looking and seeing isn’t considered polite in many societies. You are expected to not see, and it isn’t safe to see certain things. You are asked to listen to the ‘experts’ tales of what is going on out there. Some newsworthy examples of nobody wanting to actually see include the recent financial collapse, which we are getting to review in greater detail on the daily news. Oh, and hello to the Catholic Church!

If you are serious about learning how to turn on your own abilities and get them working for you, it is helpful to get training, specifically in a school where you can learn how to protect yourself, and to safely let go of what you have a hard time seeing. The next article in this series will go into greater detail about this. Stay tuned for part two on this series, to be posted tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “How to be clairvoyant: you have to want to see

  1. Once again Kris, thank you for your writings. By just being you, so peculiar and special, and sharing your ‘being’ with us you make the essential contribution. The one that is true to your heart. That’s the difference that makes all the difference and I appreciate it immensely. We should all be inspired by you and do the same: let ourselves be and flourish all around.

  2. You are welcome, Frank. Thank you kindly for your beautifully expressed appreciation of my work.

    I love to see people begin to wake up to themselves, to how capable and amazing they truly are. The whole world changes when more people learn to see themselves as powerful, within themselves, with no need to have power over others. It will be a way more fun place to live when we evolve in that direction!

  3. One of the great moments in my life was to meet you Kris. And to see your beautiful art work too. Changed my life! And I’m getting better at the “vision thing” too!

    • James, the feeling is mutual. Thank you for your very kind comment, and for all of your beautiful creations! I’d say you were born already good at that vision thing, but isn’t it nice to know that you can see when you want to?

      We’ll see you and Carla in the spring, if you’re in Chicago when we are. Happy New Year!!

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