Is it time for peace talks with your body?

Is your body your ‘frienemy’?

You may have believed a lie about your body. Perhaps the lie is that it’s flawed, too thin, too fat, or just not right somehow.

You may not fit into the perfect ideal presented constantly in our culture, everywhere you look. You may believe that your body is wrong, and so you fight with it, every day.

You may believe that the spirit is superior to the body, and so you leave your body to fend for itself, without listening to its cries for attention. You have forgotten that your body has great wisdom, already built in, and given the chance, your body can heal itself deeply. However, it needs your spirit to cooperate in order to accomplish this.

If your body and spirit are competing with each other rather than in communication with each other, it will be difficult for you to find peace within yourself.

It isn’t that you are intentionally trying to hurt yourself. Maybe you just hadn’t considered the possibility that you could actually be divided, that inside of you is a war. You could have your very own wall that you yourself built. Only you can tear it down.

Many people are at war with their own bodies. They are angry at those bodies, and don’t listen to them. They try to get the body to do what they want it to do, not by listening or giving to it, but by giving orders constantly to their bodies, forcing them to keep going and going. Many people just haven’t considered speaking nicely to their own body, and listening to that body in return.

If you choose to not listen to your body and instead make it your enemy, it will find a way to make you listen. Your body will get angry if it is ignored.

If this sounds like you, why not try something different? Sit down and begin to listen to your body, and to speak to it kindly. When it tells you how it feels, or that it wants something, more food, sleep, rest, etc… try listening. Begin to listen to how you speak to your body, what messages do you give to yourself?

You can create a whole new experience out in the world by beginning with that which is closest to you, right now.

©Kris Cahill
Image: ‘Grow Trees’ ©Thiru Murugan on Flickr


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