What’s your body’s status update today?

If you asked your body to give an update today with its present time status, what would it say?

Would you hear something along the lines of ‘Happy today, feeling good with pretty toes!’, or perhaps more like ‘Tired sluggish blah want some more coffee or a nap’?

If you haven’t given this matter much thought recently, or have the idea that it isn’t up to you, that it’s out of your control, you may want to sit up and take notice, of your body. Your body’s attitude and energy at any given moment has a lot to do with you, and you have enormous power to help and heal your own body.

By communicating with your body, in a non-judgmental and loving way, you can gain great insight to what your body requires from you, what it wants, and how it is feeling. This makes it easier to create a healthy relationship with yourself, and to make good choices for you and your body.

Your body has great wisdom and insight.

If you can learn to listen to it, your body will teach you things you may want to know. Your emotions, feelings, and senses, all live in the body. If you are constantly standing outside of your body, giving it orders, you will miss a golden opportunity to gain that knowledge stored only in the body.

Having a body helps you experience and have so much that you cannot have without one. It’s worth taking the time to become friends with yours.

So, what’s your body’s status update?

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012
http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
‘Pretty Toes’ ©Karas Cahill 2010 on Flickr

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