Happiness is a spiritual choice

You can choose happiness. Oh yes, you can.

One thing to know about happiness is that it has a connection to consciousness.

Not everyone wants to have it, or experiences it in quite the same way. Some people decide they will be happy when thus and such thing happens, so they put a control on having happiness as a natural state of being. Other people become unhappy and blame their unhappiness on something that has happened to them, outside of their control. They limit their own happiness because of this.

Some people are cynical about happiness. Perhaps they feel disappointed or have been ‘burned’ by happiness in the past. They are afraid to become too happy, for fear that something bad will happen. If they put their guard down for an instant, they will be hit by something, be punished even.

Damn happiness anyway, it’s just so… elusive! Happiness as an emotional energy isn’t perfect. And it might take some work.

There is no predicting how you will feel in some unforeseen future. You can, however, begin to create that future now, in present time. By practicing being in the present time, you allow yourself the space to feel what it is you feel, right now.

Happiness can come simply from this awareness. Even if you feel unhappy right now, in this moment, you can choose to begin to release those things that are creating this unhappiness inside of you.

Happiness is a present time energy.

If you decide you want to be happy, and you see it as an option, it becomes easier to create it. You also become a whole lot more fun to be around, which in turn brings more good stuff and people your way. If you are in the habit of walking around in an unhappy funk, you will continue to attract more of the same. That may just be your way of doing things, and that’s a choice too.

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