May’s reading special: ‘The Spirit of Food’

‘The Spirit of Food’ reading is designed to help you become more conscious about using food in a positive way, to heal yourself and increase your body’s wellness.*

How does energy affect what you eat, and how does what you eat affect your energy?

Having a well fed, validated, and healthy body, makes it easier for you, the spirit, to be present. If your body doesn’t feel safe and well, it’s difficult to have enough energy to create what you want. The food you eat can help you to heal your body, and to have enough of your own energy available to you, on every level: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

The food your body needs to be strong and well, is unique to you. Your answers about the right foods for you may not be anyone else’s answers, or even fit into current wisdom and judgments about the proper diet. What your body requires today may be very different from what worked for it last year.

Food has spiritual energy, and that energy can affect yours.

If you have been challenged by food, or nutritional and diet choices, it may be that you have energy in your body and space about food. Perhaps there is programming in your body to handle certain foods in certain ways. Maybe there is an unconscious or emotional demand to eat in a way that you know isn’t healthy for you, but you can’t seem to control it. Becoming aware of the energy demands on you, can help you to more easily make the present time choices that work well for you.

*This reading is not a judgment about how you currently eat, nor is it a diet plan for you. This is a present time, psychic look at how your body is affected by the foods you eat. You can ask specific questions about food and nutrition in this reading.

Schedule this reading: or 213-448-0503.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All rights reserved.  ~
Image: ‘Flemington Markets: $67.40’ ©Ximenatapia on Flickr

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