Are you playing your own game?

Life is the game you came to play in. Acquiring a body was the price of admission.

How you play the game is entirely up to you. You have many choices along the way. You can also choose to play in any other game you like while you are here. Some of those games are fun, and some not so fun. Sometimes you get caught up in other people’s games, or those games get stuck in your space. This can make it hard for you to play at your own, the ones you really want.

A short list of some of the games you may play along the way includes the following: school, career, art, music, psychology, sports, money, health, body, control, victim, corporate, politics, military, and so on.

Games, in and of themselves are not necessarily good or bad. It’s whether you want to play the game you’re in that matters. Ask yourself, did you choose this consciously?

A lot of young people are encouraged to play the same games their parents did. Or a school counselor has pushed them in this direction, or it made sense, or there are lots of jobs in this field, or the benefits are good. They may create relationships based on what they grew up accustomed to. They may choose to be validated or not based on what they were told was possible. How they look at the world has already been programmed in, thus setting the stage for choices to be made, throughout one’s lifetime.

Choices that have been made for you don’t let you off the hook. It’s like the soldier claiming, “I was only following orders”. What happens to your personal responsibility for what you decide to have, be, and do?

When you become conscious and begin to throw everyone else’s games out of your space, things may look bleak indeed. You might have no clue about what you want to play in, due to having all of that unconsciousness hanging around for so many years. But the time has come when you can no longer sit in the lie that you should be doing x, y, and z.

It’s the time to ask, whose life is it? Is it yours?

If you decide it is, and you want to own it, then it’s time to get real with yourself. Your own truth is the next step, and you can find it if you look. It’s there, within you. Nobody else has got it, no teacher, friend, parent, spiritual leader, political leader, counselor, has your truth. You can waive your right to look for it yourself, thus giving up your responsibility for yourself. That is also a game.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Savour Life’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr

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