You may be growing more colorful each day

Do you have any idea how colorful you are?

If you’ve been walking around trying to blend in with the prevailing colors in your environment, and they aren’t true for you, it won’t feel right. Your body won’t like it. Bodies are colorful, and bodies like color. This is not about skin color, it’s about the colors of your spirit. If you are surrounded by a sea of gray and beige all the time and feel sleepy, unconscious, and depressed, this may be one reason why.

Clairvoyants work with color. Color is seen as energy, and your own true energy can be seen as brilliant clear true color. Any energy that isn’t yours will be seen as colors and pictures in your space that do not belong to you. Being a clairvoyant is a colorful, interesting job!

Remember how you like certain colors, are emotionally attracted to some, feel well around some, and avoid still others. Your body contains your emotions, and when you feel a certain way about a color, your body is giving you valuable information. It may be a very subtle message, so you have to listen. Trust your body – it knows what it is doing.

If you are in the habit of surrounding yourself with white light, try something new and change to colorful light. Find out which colors your body likes and use those.

Many people think that surrounding themselves with white light is protective and healing. It can be so, for your spirit. But you are leaving a large part of the equation out if you do this – your body. Having a lot of white energy in your space will make it difficult for you to access your own body. Your body works at a color level. Give your body the colors it likes and you will notice a difference.

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©Aussiegall ‘This is My Best Side’ on Flickr

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4 thoughts on “You may be growing more colorful each day

  1. i love this information. today i wore a new aqua shirt, and i felt totally alive and even a little sexy. thinking about aqua/turquoise and how it relates to the thymus center ….. and how i am consciously working on my intuition ….. it all feels right to me. i especially liked the feeling sexy part 🙂

  2. My aunt can see auras when she concentrates really hard. I can’t see them at all, though I can feel the energy between the palms of my hands. I think my colors are shades of blue, green, and purple. My aunt told me once that my aura was bright gold, but I think it can change depending on your mood.

    • I’ll bet you’d be able to see auras given having your space set up to see them. I wonder, what colors do you feel like having around you? Those are the ones that your body wants to have. Your colors do change all the time, and gold is a lovely color to work with.

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