A clairvoyant look at food and how it affects you

Becoming conscious about how and what you eat will change your life in a positive way.

If you are on auto pilot while eating, and have been so your whole life, it might be a good time to start paying attention. Simply turning on your awareness can make a big difference, without a whole lot of effort on your part.

Every part of you is affected by how you nourish yourself, as well as how consciously you do so.

Recently I’ve been focusing on the energy of food, and how it affects the body, mind, and spirit. For each person, this will be different. I’ve been giving a series of clairvoyant readings on food, called “The Spirit of Food”. Of course, I began with myself! But, as any clairvoyant knows, it’s sometimes easier to see others than to see oneself. By looking at how food issues and choices affect others, I get to learn more about how they affect me too. This is the beauty of clairvoyance, and why I highly recommend using it for yourself.

In order to see clairvoyantly, one must be neutral, not judging. This is crucial when looking at food and eating habits. There is so much emotional and unconscious energy tied up in this issue, it’s important to not judge what one sees. Many people are already invalidated when it comes to body image, weight, and food, and they don’t need any more judgment heaped upon them.

To a clairvoyant, energy is seen as pictures, vibrations, colors. When someone has an eating issue, or feels unable to control certain eating habits, there is a corresponding set of pictures that go along with these issues. One may have a set of pictures and programming that, when triggered, make it difficult if not impossible to control one’s eating habits.

Much of the junk food people eat only adds to the blanket of unconsciousness that prevents them from seeing what is there that makes them crave the junk food to begin with. Empty processed foods can contribute to and create an unnatural unconsciousness in your space.

Everything has a spirit, an energy. There is energy in the food you eat. If you consistently eat food that has no life force, no spirit, it is not feeding you on any level. You may be using it to try to muffle an unpleasant energy that lives in your space. By becoming conscious of and removing that energy, you can heal your body. This makes it easier to listen to your body and give to it what it needs to be healthy and happy.

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