Who wrote the rules of your road?

Have you been running into a lot of stop signs?

If you’ve been unconsciously following the ‘rules for living’ as laid down by others, you may be hitting the brake a lot when it comes to living life your way. If you want to do something different, you’ve got to begin writing your own bylaws. You may have rules in your space that go back for generations; they make no sense to your present day life, but they can still have a lot to say about the roads you choose to travel.

It may be a good time to check whether you are writing your own rules for life, or following those predetermined by others.

Have you noticed resistance when you try to make a choice that excites or interests you? Perhaps you have been longing to make a change that takes you away from business as usual, away from the kind of activities that “everyone” approves of, and when you take a step toward it, you hit invalidation, negativity, unconsciousness, or other “stop” energies.

Are you tired of worrying about whether others will judge you if you take a magical flying leap – into your own actual life?

There has never been a better time than right now to decide to move full speed ahead, towards yourself. If you can remember that it is your life you are living, you can begin to create miracles in your life. If you have been feeling unreal, perhaps you’ve not been living your own life.

Time to write a new version of your Rules of the Road!

©Kris Cahill
http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
Image: ‘Stop Sign Ahead’ ©Sillygwailo on Flickr



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