Listen to your heart and get a life – yours

Has it gotten to the point where you can no longer ignore its message?

Has your heart been calling, and have you blocked its calls?

Have you turned down its volume, put out a ‘do not disturb’ sign, invalidated it as unrealistic? Perhaps you even found friends who do the same, who define the pursuit of career, money, status, and/or power as what’s ‘real’. From this vantage point, it can be easy to judge as foolish anyone who gives up everything to pursue their dream, who is willing to risk it all for love.

But what about your heart? It still will not be silenced. It’s telling you something is amiss, and that you are ignoring your truth and your deepest dreams. The dreams you had as a child will not go away.

Maybe a school counselor, trusted adviser, or teacher gave you advice that led you away from your deepest desired path. You may have been too shy to even tell that person what you really wanted, for fear of looking foolish. Perhaps you were told by someone in authority that the best you could hope for was already here, and it was time to step up and seize the opportunities being offered, to face reality.

Whose reality do you think they were talking about?

What if you didn’t listen and instead followed your bliss, to wind up wildly successful in your own chosen field? Perhaps they would feel bad because they hadn’t done the same, and didn’t get to have what they really wanted. Maybe they believed what they told you because one of their trusted authorities told them what was possible, and they believed it.

You’ll have no idea what is true or possible for you until you decide to go looking for yourself. If you want to uncover the secrets of your heart, you can begin by listening, without judgment, to what it is trying to tell you. You are the only one who can do this for yourself.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Looking Up’ ©Aussiegall on Flickr

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