Are you having enough fun?

Having fun is an important part of a healthy, balanced life.

When validated and in health, your spirit vibrates at playful, fun, creativity. Your own genius is at hand, solutions and decisions can come easily to you. It takes energy to create anything, and it takes more energy to invent something new. Taking time off can help you to replenish yourself, and to get your own energy back again.

If you are having a difficult time creating anything new, you may not be taking enough time off from being constantly productive. This can put you into effort, and make everything you are doing less enjoyable – just another thing you have to accomplish from your never ending list.

Yes, all work and no play will make you dull, indeed. You need time off to do not one thing, as in: Question: What are you doing? Answer: Nothing!

It’s time for a time out.

If you want to bring your own genius forward, you need to have regularly scheduled play time. Unplug from your responsibilities, go offline, disconnect, be unavailable, book yourself out for a few hours, and let go of all of that stuff you constantly DO every day.

Especially if you have been so very important that nobody can do a thing without you, you may need to disappear for a little while. You may have a great big responsibility picture: if you aren’t there to hold it all together, it’s going to go to hell in a hand basket. And you are responsible.

Have you ever considered that if you will trust others to step up, they may decide to do so? Perhaps nobody else gets to grow, because you keep doing everything for them. A lot of people are validated when given permission to be in charge of something. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The main point here is that if you can allow yourself even an uninterrupted hour here and there, you will benefit in ways you can’t begin to imagine now, especially if you aren’t yet accustomed to giving yourself a break.

If you have been the one driving yourself relentlessly, consider that you may be driving yourself into exhaustion. Reward yourself with some silly, happy, nonsensical, playful, creative time off, and leave the guilt behind.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Cosmic Bowling’ ©DCJohn on Flickr

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