What gifts are you bringing to the table?

Have you considered that following your heart is a gift to the rest of us?

If you’ve been of the mindset that taking care of yourself first, and listening to your own true desires is selfish and unrealistic, here’s some good news for you.

Though it’s not always the easiest thing to do, listening to what it is you want and following your own internal guidance system will help you to create a happy and fulfilled life. You will also never be bored if you are interesting to you.

The way to be interesting to you is to find out what fascinates you, intrigues you, and makes you happy. Then go learn about that thing, do it and become it, embellish yourself. Dive in, don’t hesitate. Halfway and half-hearted is just that. You want to go in at full heart.

Once you do this, your energy shifts. When you’ve decided to have your life the way you really want it, you radiate at a different vibration than if you were dissatisfied with yourself. Validated people are more fun to be around than invalidated people. Happy people are easier to handle than angry people. You already know this.

This is not to say that everything is going to be perfectly hunky dory in your life if you follow your true calling. Life happens and there’s stuff to deal with. But at least you won’t be sitting in the energy of wishing you had a different life, or wondering whose life you are actually living. If you are living your own true life, you will find your way through it more effortlessly than if you’re trying to be someone else.

You become a gift to others who are trying to do this too, because you now represent what is possible. So, instead of being selfish for doing what you please, you are now bringing gifts to everyone!

What gifts are you giving?

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved
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‘The Miracle’ ©Debi Cates

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3 thoughts on “What gifts are you bringing to the table?

  1. What a delight to see this piece here. I’m very glad you liked it and are using it to illustrate one of your timely and wise articles.

    An experience with this very digital collage to my brother recently as an example of some of the art I like to do. He looked at it silently for a minute, then said, “Sis, I love you, but you are weird.” I guess not every gift is for every recipient. He might not have enjoyed it, but I’m guessing you do. Hmph! So there, Brother. =)

    • I love this collage, and would love to see more of them by you. Thanks for your generosity in allowing me to use it to grace my post, Debi. I am honored, and feel it fits perfectly. I followed my heart!

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