This planet is abundant in unique energies. Irreplaceable and magical properties exist in every corner of this earth.

If you pay attention, you can catch the one of a kind moments and elements all around you, everywhere you look. It helps to be present and in the moment, so that you can capture the moment.

In gratitude and reverence, I give you a few of the unique elements on this rich planet of ours, things that can never be replaced.

Every moment in time. The tree you loved as a child. Each of the oceans on this planet. The way the sky looks right now. The dog next door.

Whooping cranes. The white buffalo. Monarch butterflies. Eucalyptus trees. Your best friend. Each of your favorite authors. Any artist who is creating from him or herself.

Every fingerprint that ever existed. Each snowflake that falls from the sky. Each person’s spirit. The Grand Canyon. Your favorite musicians.

The way your neighbor tells a story. Your second grade teacher. Piranha fish. Giraffes. The Mohave Desert. Those bluejeans that you wore into just the perfect shape for you. The Giant Sequoias.

You are also unique in all of time. There has only been one of you, in all of existence. You have a very good reason to be here now, and perhaps it’s because only you can see, feel, think, speak, create, the way that you do. You are also irreplaceable.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Stormy Cornflowers’ ©Zeeb

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