Five simple ways to create more space for you

Have you been feeling a little crowded lately? 

Has it been uncomfortable to be inside of your own body? Perhaps you’ve been irritated and cannot seem to shake it.

Here’s a few ideas for a makeover that can help you to create more space for yourself.

1. Let go of the problems you cannot solve. Stop judging them, see if you’ve been responsible for something that Isn’t Your Problem. Helpful hint: If you did not create a problem, you can never solve it. If you continue to be responsible for problems you have no control over, you will lose energy.

2. Forgive someone who you’re holding a grudge against, even if they have committed heinous acts. Then forgive yourself. Repeat. The act of forgiving is for you, not others. You will have more of your own energy back to spend as you see fit, if you stop wasting it on expensive grudges.

3. Stop resisting change. Just Simply Stop Resisting. Let it go. Free yourself. Let the slogan ‘No Control Necessary’ be your motto. Live and let live.

4. Get honest. What or who is really bugging you? Do you have permission to feel it and to speak your truth? Are you safe enough to do so? What happens when you get angry? And what is it you really want to be doing with your life, anyway? Do you know? It’s the questions you ask that matter most, not the answers.

5. Create a new validating relationship with your body, one in which you compliment your body, and tell it how wonderful it is and how grateful you are to have such a great body. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you it wants and needs, without judging it. If you are in the habit of ignoring your body’s feelings and wishes, you will find it difficult being comfortable in your own skin.

If you have enough spiritual space, you will have plenty of time and energy. If you keep giving up your space to things outside of yourself and outside of your control, you will not have enough room for you.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Happy New Year!’ ©Tanakawho on Flickr

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