Do you have permission yet?

Do you have permission to do any of the following?

Think for yourself, act according to your moral code, create your life to be how you want it to be? Can you listen to your intuition, rather than follow along in fear of being rejected? Do you have the space to do what you see is best? Have you got the freedom to risk everything for love?

Can you speak your feelings out loud, tell others how you really feel, go against the crowd because you know in your own heart it’s the right thing to do? Do you have permission to speak your truth?

Can you speak up for peace in a time of war? Can you step away from war even if it’s an unpopular choice in your group? Can you risk being called nasty names to stand up for your scruples?

Are you safe enough to disagree with the people who write your paycheck? Can you be conscious about where your money is coming from? Are you brave enough to say “enough!” when what you have no longer works for you, even if it means losing your job, reputation, position?

Can you rearrange your whole life because you have realized you need to do so?

Can you dig into yourself and root out the fear, hatreds, and resistances you have towards those you don’t agree with? Can you let go of judgment?

Do you have the permission to find and live your own truth?

©Kris Cahill /
‘What Real Men Don’t Do’ ©Tony the Misfit on Flickr

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6 thoughts on “Do you have permission yet?

  1. Okay, now you are reading my mind. You have pinpointed exactly what I was dealing with today, sadly a recurring theme. This question:

    Can you rearrange your whole life because you have realized you need to do so?

    is especially haunting.

    Once again, thank you for a timely (eerily so) subject and fantastic post!

    • Isn’t it fun to realize that you may need to do so, in order to get what you really want? You have got quite an adventure ahead of you! I’d ask for a fun one, if I was you. :)) It is possible to do it in a fun way, and you will not regret taking that step towards your own truth.

    • Hi Debi,

      The answer is YES! You CAN arrange your entire life if you need to. I did it 4 months ago. I realized that the life I was living was not the one I wanted, so I quit my job, sold my house and most of my possessions, and used the money to buy a small farm in Brazil.

      After 20 years of working in public policy, I am now a practicing psychic/intuitive. I’d known about my abilities my entire life but never had the courage to do anything about them. After practicing and practicing for years, I finally decided that it was time to set out and explore this part of myself. I will never regret having made this decision.

      Now…not everyone will choose such an “extreme” way of going about life change, but I do believe that if you know that you’re being called to do something different (as so many are right now), you owe it to yourself to make it happen.

      Have courage! And yes…definitely have fun! The world is waiting! 🙂

      Love and light,

  2. Hello Leigh, thanks for reading, and for your comment. Congratulations on making your move, taking a step, doing what you know is true for you. You become the healing when you live your truth, is how I see it. Much happiness and success to you!

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