Why not choose happiness?

What makes you happy?

Do you believe that happiness is possible in the world you live in? Perhaps you are waiting for things to get better before you dare to feel happy. Some people even feel guilty about being happy because they are well aware that so many others are not having happy lives.

Many people are born happy. Others learn the skill of happiness in their lives. Still others never seem to attain this state. Some people who cannot seem to achieve happiness seem to have everything one could possibly want to have a perfectly happy life.

Having a lot of money and status does not guarantee happiness, and probably makes quite a few people miserable rather than happy. Though it is nice to have and certainly wanted, money itself does not solve problems or create that elusive state of happiness.

So you either have it or you don’t, is that it? Is it really that cut and dried?

Well, what if you’ve been following advice and rules your whole life that promised you happiness if you were faithful to them, only to find that once you achieved your long worked for goal, happiness wasn’t at the end of that line waiting for you?

Perhaps this is because you followed something outside of yourself, rather than listened to your own truth, your own heart’s desire. If you want the happiness you see is possible, your job is to find out what you really want to become, who you truly are, and how you want to live.

If freedom makes you happy, it is your job to find out how to be free. If having love makes you happy, begin by learning how to love yourself. If becoming a concert pianist is your goal, work at it and ignore those who scoff. If you want to become a healer, begin. Whatever lights your fire is showing you the way to your happiness.

You may find that you don’t even have to wait until you reach your goal. It’s the act of doing what you love and being who you are that creates happiness you can feel.

©Kris Cahill
http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
‘Artistic Wormhole’ ©Jurvetson on Flickr

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