The miracles of science and the miracles of spirit

Part one of two

Science and scientific breakthroughs have given so much to each of us. The miracles humanity has experienced because of scientific discoveries over the centuries cannot be discounted in our evolution, indeed, in our ability to be alive.

We have science and technology to thank for: penicillin, the polio vaccine, devices and tools that make our lives easier than our ancestor’s lives were, such as airplanes, cars, washing machines, the miracles that are the computer, cell phones, and the ability to communicate instantly with people all over the world. What about the discoveries that led to crazy glue, post it notes, waterproof mascara, macro photography, modern prosthetics, instant mashed potatoes, and fast foods of all kinds. Tuna Helper, anyone?

Well, maybe not all discoveries are really so necessary, healthful, or yummy, but they are all inventions made possible by various scientific discoveries.

Another side of science is this: who can forget the birth of the Atomic Age? The first Atomic bomb was tested in the New Mexican desert in 1945, the result of three years of research and work under the Manhattan Project. Life was never the same after that famous blast, as well as the bomb that was dropped soon after on Hiroshima, then the next on Nagasaki. Science was now being used to wage war in a brand new way.

It isn’t science itself that is good or bad; science simply is. The new discoveries we make can help us create a wonderful world, and they can also help us throw ourselves further into self destruction and destruction of the planet we live on.

Human beings learned how to make all of this great stuff long before evolving spiritually enough to make positive choices about what to do with some of it. Apparently we are still working on that spiritual evolution part.

People who need scientific proof before they will look for themselves will many times point their fingers at spirit and sneer. People who work with and communicate with spirit are seen as ‘delusional’ and ‘not realistic’, because of how they are getting their information. Scientific studies have been created and executed for years by those wanting to prove that spirit isn’t real, and neither is God, or any psychic abilities, ever anywhere.

Isn’t it funny that no matter what your point is, you can seem to find a scientific study out there somewhere that supports your position? If you need to back up your claims and don’t trust that what you personally know is enough, you can always get some doctor, scientist, or other expert to back you up.

For example, remember how doctors used to tell people, way back in the 1950’s, that smoking was good for them? There was also science that ‘proved’ that black people had smaller brains than white people. So science was being used to prove that racism was okay.

So here’s a few scientific trivia questions for you, called Which Science Do You Believe? Do you believe the science that says global warming is for real, or the science that says it’s not? Do you believe the science that claims offshore drilling is safe, or the science (and experience) that says it’s not? Do you believe the science that claims that genetically engineered foods will solve the world’s hunger problem, or the science that says genetically modified foods are harmful to human bodies and the planet?

You may have your own to add to the game, and if so, please leave them in the comments here.

Coming up tomorrow, Part Two: ‘What science cannot prove for you’.

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‘Dandelion Fireworks’ ©Aussiegall on Flickr



2 thoughts on “The miracles of science and the miracles of spirit

  1. Why do people have faith to believe in GOD, whom they have never seen, but do not have faith in modern day prophecies, or psychics? Why is scientific proof needed to prove that small voice in side of you? We have blind faith, but only in what is socially accepted. I want to learn as much as possible before I leave this beautiful planet. Using both science and faith are tools we can all use to bring us knowledge.

    • Beth, I agree with you. It goes further than that. If people begin to look for themselves, they will not be as easily controlled by those who want to take advantage of them. If you are asking the hard questions and have faith in your own ability to see, you will also be thinking and acting for yourself. You will be influencing those around you, just by doing that. Can you imagine what would happen if people began to wake up and question everything they see? We’d have no more deep water drilling, ridiculous wars, etc. Business as usual depends on us staying asleep and quiet.

      I love that you want to learn all that you can, using all the tools available to you. A beautiful attitude!

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