What science cannot prove for you…

You will have to prove for yourself.

If you always need an authority to tell you what is possible, it will be hard for you to know your own answers, or to discover any of them on your own.

All of your life, you were taught to seek out those in the know: experts, teachers, authorities of all kinds. This isn’t a bad thing to do – we all benefit from getting help when we need it, or having someone pointing us in the right direction to find what we need. However, if you find you need someone in authority to give you permission to do anything, and you’re over the age of 18, you may be handling an invalidation on your ability to look for yourself.

Science, in particular, has become a trusted authority in our present day society, and the need for scientific evidence has stopped many people from being able to validate for themselves what they know, especially with their own bodies. People tend to forget that science is a creative and ever changing thing. Scientific facts and proof began their lives as theories, something someone was seeking.

A theory gets tested in many ways, and through testing, is either disproved or becomes a ‘fact’. Until another one comes along, thereby disproving the earlier ‘fact’. It’s easy to forget that facts change with spirit – as we evolve spiritually and see ourselves and our planet differently, so do the facts we look to as truth.

Now, what if all of the facts you know about your life and yourself are based on things others have told you, your whole entire life? You may coast along and live according to the rules set up, feeling pretty confident that it’s the right way to do things. It might be working for you.

But what if it’s not and it doesn’t feel right? All that expert energy coming in telling you the right way to do things can be invalidating when you want to see for yourself. Nobody can prove a thing to you if it doesn’t feel right. And try as you might, you cannot prove how you feel to others. You can describe, explain away, but only you will know exactly how you feel. You already know that if someone doesn’t believe you feel a certain way, or worse, couldn’t care less about how you feel about something, that you can’t make them understand.

“The doctor said” has many people deciding one way or the other what their best bet is, without looking for themselves. The funny thing is that once someone decides that a particular outcome is all that is possible, that is what they create for themselves. Many doctors and nurses know that patients who heal do so because they want to heal. Healing is not something that is forced on someone from the outside. All healing is self healing, a spiritual decision.

Yes, you want to have good health care providers when you need them. Preventive care is even better; good nutrition, exercise, meditation, massage, and so on. You have a lot of power to determine how you are going to heal and how you are going to feel.

This is where consciousness comes into play. When you decide to become more conscious of your body, how it feels, what it is trying to tell you, what it needs, what your spirit wants, what your truth is, etc… living your life gets easier. You will know for yourself what you need to do. You will know who you want to help you.

If you are constantly expected to find an expert to get your answers from, you won’t be looking for them yourself. So, when do you get to be your own expert?

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2 thoughts on “What science cannot prove for you…

  1. You need to become an expert on yourself by becoming observant and finding your center from which you can observe. You also need to discuss what you have observed and draw conclusions from it. It helps to have a sensible person to talk to who can help you work it out. This person has to be wise and not have a big ego. Neither one of you does. Silence and serenity are two big important ingredients when you are on your own. Try to listen and observe. You are your own best teacher if you care to be honest.

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